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Bar Exam Tutor (CA, DC, GA, MD, NJ, NY and other)

Dear Bar Candidates:

I offer a personalized online bar exam tutorial for the bar
exams of the following jurisdictions:

California Bar Exam (CA) (General & Attorney's Exam)
District of Columbia Bar Exam (DC)
Georgia Bar Exam (GA) (General & Attorney's Exam)
Maryland Bar Exam (MD)(General & Attorney's Exam)
New Jersey Bar Exam (NJ)
New York Bar Exam (NY)

Students from other jurisdictions are welcome to contact me
regarding their needs as well.

The course consists of nearly three (3) months of
instruction, including study outlines, actual bar exam
questions and feedback and critique of student answers, as
well as tips for maximizing your exam performance.

Please see my website at for further
information about the class and enrollment.