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State of the job market...

Re: State of the job market...
« Reply #20 on: October 22, 2006, 09:20:05 AM »
Law Review is not a golden ticket to a job, it just helps. A person could be in the bottom half and write on to law review and it doesn't mean they have a golden ticket. Especially at UNLV where everyone essentially writes-on, it's much more of a crap shoot than other schools where the top 15% grade on so it's a bigger sign that you are a high performer.

I admittedly don't have a lot of experience with part-time students but perhaps they don't think you'll be able to work summers because you have a full-time job? And no offense, but in looking at some of your older posts, maybe the inconsistency in your grades is another contributing factor.

Bottom line, on the whole, the vast majority of people nationwide don't get jobs through OCI. It's a crapshoot and you can't count on it unless you go to an elite school.   

My intention was not to engage in a debate.  I just wanted to make the point that if someone who is in the top third of her class and on Law Review, a credential I was led to believe is quite valuable to most employers, and is still unable to get interviews, there is something wrong here.  There can only be one other explanation as to why my classmates are getting interviews:  they are full-time students, whereas I'm a part-time student who has a full-time job. 

I've been told that many employers look down upon part-time students because they question their commitment to law school:  "she must not be committed if she didn't devote her entire waking hours to law school." 

You would think that employers would look more favorably on part-time students who work because you know that part-time working students are NOT lazy and are, in fact, much more committed to law school than your typical 22-year-old kid who knows nothing about the real world because he/she has yet to enter it.

Re: State of the job market...
« Reply #21 on: November 27, 2006, 07:25:10 PM »
Actually, for big firms anyway, this  year the market is supposed to be quite strong, stronger than it has been in years. 

I have found this to be correct, at least in the NYC job market.  Market is great as long as you didn't go to a non-t1 and did decently well.  I know lotsof people who had mediocre grades and are still working v100.  Friends at Fordham and Cardozo all agree that the market has been very good this year for biglaw hopefuls.