Law School Discussion

What are some Law Schools with radical, or "heterodox," programs of study?

I don't know much about heterodox programs, however, I do know a lot about heterobot 2000 programs. In case you're not familiar, it's law programs for futuristic robots. I enrolled last Fall and I must tell you that it's pretty competitive. You see, I'm one of the few non robotic students(NRS) which totally earned me a full ride and all but it's tough because these majority robotic types can memorize outlines in like one hour. A fifty page Tort outline can take a NRS like me up to three weeks, but a actual robot can word process the info lickity split. Fortunately for me, the law school allocates 20% of the law review spots for NRS's like me, therefore, I'm only competing against non robots like myself. Anyways, bepobebpobepo.