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How many times did you take the LSAT?

32 (74.4%)
9 (20.9%)
Three times
1 (2.3%)
Four times - I am certifiable
0 (0%)
Five times - my daddy bought my acceptance
1 (2.3%)

Total Members Voted: 35

For those accepted at Tier 1 schools - how many times did you take the LSAT?


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I noticed on LSN that it seems like quite a few people have taken the LSAT more than once.  I am wondering if this is really as bad as my pre-law advisor, boss, coworkers, admissions officers that I have emailed, etc. have all said.

I want to hear from some people who got into top tier schools to see how many used this strategy. 


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I decided really late in the game that I was going to law school, so I only had time to take it once.  And I didn't really have time to study either, so I just went in cold.  It's not as bad as everybody says it is.


Twice, but I cancelled the first time this is the way to go if you are taking it more than once, but if no cancel then it is not the best thing, but it can help if you do better.

I took it once...studied roughly 6 weeks...with studying=taking one old test a week while at school

Once . . . 35 times if you count all of the practice tests that I took.


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I only took it for real once, but like Kwertee I must have done 30 practice tests. I don't think I could bear to study up for another go. I didn't even look to see which questions I got wrong. Blech.

I took the test Once in June.  I took one full length practice test everyday in a very uncomfortable chair in my school's library every day from January until June 1st.  I ordered the old tests from LSDAS.