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Presidential Hopeful ...

Presidential Hopeful ...
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Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. (born August 4, 1961) is the junior U.S. Senator from Illinois. He received widespread media coverage for his keynote address at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, delivered while he was still an Illinois State Senator. In November 2004, Obama won election to the United States Senate with over two-thirds of the vote. Obama is the third African American to be popularly elected to the United States Senate and the only African American currently serving in the Senate.

Barack Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii to Harvard University-educated economist Barack Obama, Sr., of Kenya, and Ann Dunham of Wichita, Kansas. At the time of Obama's birth, both his parents were students at the East-West Center of the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Of his years in Hawaii, Obama has written, "The irony is that my decision to work in politics, and to pursue such a career in a big Mainland city, in some sense grows out of my Hawaiian upbringing, and the ideal that Hawaii still represents in my mind." When Obama was two years old, his parents divorced. His father eventually returned to Kenya, and he saw his son only once more before his death in 1982. His mother then married Lolo Soetoro (d. Mar 2, 1993), another East-West Center student from Indonesia. In his early childhood, Barack used the name 'Barry'. The family then moved to Jakarta, where Obama's half-sister Maya Soetoro-Ng was born. When Obama was ten he returned to Hawaii under the care of his grandparents, (Madelyn Dunham) and later his mother, for the better educational opportunities. He was enrolled in the fifth grade at Punahou School, where he graduated with honors in 1978.

Upon finishing high school, Obama studied for two years at Occidental College, before transferring to Columbia College at Columbia University. There he majored in political science, with a specialization in international relations. Upon graduation, he worked for a year at Business International Corporation (now part of The Economist Group), a company that provided international business information to corporate clients. He then moved to Chicago, where he took up community organizing in the Altgeld Gardens housing project on the city's South Side. He left Chicago for three years to study law at Harvard University, where he was elected the first black president of the Harvard Law Review. He graduated magna cum laude.

After law school, he returned to serving as a community organizer in Chicago. Obama organized an aggressive voter registration effort that registered over 100,000 voters and aided in the election of President Bill Clinton and Senator Carol Moseley Braun, the first African-American woman ever elected to the U.S. Senate. Soon after, Obama joined the Chicago civil rights law firm Miner, Barnhill & Galland, and he became a lecturer of constitutional law at the University of Chicago.

Presidential ambitions

Obama's keynote speech to the 2004 Democratic National Convention brought his speaking skill, unique personal story, and inclusive message before a national audience, fueling expectations that the energetic politician would some day run for U.S. President. Speculation on a 2008 presidential run intensified after his decisive U.S. Senate election win in November 2004, prompting Obama to tell reporters: "I can unequivocally say I will not be running for national office in four years". Asked again in a January 2006 television appearance on Meet the Press, Obama repeated his intention to finish his Senate term.

Nonetheless, Illinois senior U.S. Senator male private part Durbin has consistently urged Obama to consider running. A December 2005 article published in the The New Republic, reasoned that, with no incumbent president or vice president in the race, 2008 offers Obama his best chance at winning the presidency.

In September 2006, Obama's Senate primary opponent Daniel Hynes, in an open letter published in the Chicago Sun-Times, urged Democrats to draft Obama for the 2008 Presidential race. Also in September, Obama was the featured speaker at Iowa Senator Tom Harkin's annual steak fry, a political event favored by presidential hopefuls in the lead-up to the Iowa caucus. "What a wonderful reception; I'm going to have to come to Iowa again", the New York Times quoted Obama as saying before he began his speech.


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What's the problem?


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maybe we can name illinois Obamastan

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or maybe osama .. ;)

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Edwards, Clinton, and perhaps Al Gore are the likely candidates standing in the way of Obama's next coronation, should he make his candidacy official. For now, he is being drafted to run by a liberal national media, hungry for a fresh face, weary and wary of the old demons that a Clinton candidacy will dredge up.

Obama would be a huge threat to Hillary, since African Americans, along with single women, are her two biggest support groups. I think it is a safe assumption that some of that huge haul of tens of millions that Ms Clinton has raised for her non-competitive Senate race this year is now going to pay for opposition researchers trolling for "material" on Obama going back to his State Senate days in Illinois.

Little such research is required to dig up material on Al Gore. Playbacks of his first debate with Bush in 2000, immediately caricatured on Saturday Night Live, might be enough to sink his candidacy. Gore pontificates - then about an "iron clad lockbox" to hold Social security money, now about global warming. Voters know when they are being talked down to by a candidate who behaves like a "know it all" and who assures you that some controversies are now settled, since he says so.

My guess is that Hillary would offer the VP slot to Obama in 2008, were he well enough behaved to not challenge her for the top spot.

I think the odds are that Obama will disappoint Hilary and run. In four years, he might not be as much of a celebrity. Whoever wins in 2008, if Obama does not run, will be a favorite to win again in 2012. That might mean Obama's next good shot is 2016. There might be other African Americans in the Senate by then, or other new hot candidates the media falls in love with.

Obama's status probably will not be unique by then. He will have more votes to defend. Hillary can raise a few hundred million to run in 2008, but she is still Hillary, "joyless" in the word of Elizabeth Edwards, and lacking in the natural political skills of her husband. So Obama has a decent shot at the prize. In fact I think he may be the Democrat who would be most competitive with John McCain or Rudy Giuliani were either to be the GOP nominee.

The media's love affair with Obama has several dimensions. It is, to begin, the predictable white liberal guilt, gushing out to support a black candidate (so long as the candidate is a Democrat) thereby demonstrating one's "decency" and "humanity". But in the case of Obama, it might also be pragmatic; he might be the Democrat with the best chance to win.

And the media is tired of GOP rule, and tired most of all of President Bush. I sometimes think the national media most hates Bush because he drags them to Crawford, Texas, in the brutal heat of August each year for his annual vacation. At least Bush's father took them to Kennebunkport, Maine for his vacations.

Forget Obama's stand on the issues. Does anybody know where he vacations?


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I'll vote for anyone in the Clinton family - whatever gets bill back in the white house. Crap, I'd vote for their pets.

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Obama has a handsome, dark face. He's skinny-athletic. No daddy for him, though. (On a trip to Kenya in 1988, Obama found that his mother's hero worship of his dead father was misplaced. Far from being a rich and successful academic, he had, in fact, died an alcoholic and almost broke.) Barack was born on 4 August 1961 in Hawaii, to a black Kenyan father and a white American woman from Kansas. Barack Obama Senior, was a visiting foreign student at university in Hawaii where he met and married Ann Dunham, the corn-fed product of Kansas parents, who was also studying at the college. The marriage ended quickly and Obama left when his child was just 2 years old.

Obama spent 4 years in Indonesia when his mother married another foreign student, but the role of Hawaii cannot be overstated. It is a place apart from the rest of America. It is where native Hawaiians, Japanese Americans, whites and blacks have all blended into a common culture that is far removed from the more racially divided states of mainland America. In his first autobiographical book, "Dreams From My Father," Obama talks of growing up happily racially unaware. "That my father looked nothing like the people around me barely registered in my mind," he wrote.

The influence of the rest of America increased as Obama grew and he became racially aware, defining himself as black (after all, that is how America would define him). He became a teenage tearaway, experimenting with drugs such as marijuana and cocaine and alcohol. But his wild side did not hurt his academic career. Partying aside, Obama excelled at school and won a place first at California's Occidental College and then at Columbia University, majoring in political science.

He embraced political activism as his contact with mainland urban black culture cemented an ethnic identity in his mind. Yet at first, the young Obama was keenly aware of being from a different background to most American blacks. His black skin does not come from former slaves ... It comes from a Kenyan academic. He grew up middle class on Waikiki Beach, not Harlem or Detroit. This led to a self-confessed 'radical pose' on campus.

After Harvard Law, Obama returned to Chicago to practise civil rights law -- rejecting the big corporate law firms to represent victims of housing and employment discrimination. Obama still practised law before washingtoning it up, and also did some teaching at the University of Chicago Law School which he says keeps him sharp when it comes to issues like abortion, gay rights and affirmative action.

Obama tried to win a 2000 congressional battle that would have sent him to Washington. But the seat he wanted was already held by former Black Panther Bobby Rush. In a tough fight, Rush claimed Obama was not 'black enough' and defended his turf. Obama's career looked to be becalmed. But then Obama proved he has something that all politicians envy: good luck. He had met and married a young lawyer, Michelle Robinson, and they had two young daughters. The couple decided on an 'up or out' strategy. Obama would have to succeed at his next campaign or leave politics.

In 2004, his chance came. A Senate seat unexpectedly came free and Obama stunned Illinois Democrats by winning the primary with a straight-talking, multiracial style that appealed to whites as well as blacks. Then his strong Republican opponent, who had been sent in from outside the state by his party, was the subject of a destructive sex scandal. Suddenly, rank outsider Obama was cruising to victory.

He was also gaining the attention of the Democratic party. When John Kerry asked him to deliver a speech at the 2004 Democratic convention in Boston, he was introduced to America as a hole. His barnstorming performance, speaking eloquently of the need for unity during a bitterly divisive campaign, made him an overnight sensation. Obama-mania had been born and it has not let up since. By 2005, Time was hailing him as one of the world's 100 most influential people. Rarely has one man come to embody so many hopes and dreams so quickly.

But what is the secret to this appeal? Part of it is undoubtedly his ethnicity. He's black enough to be hailed as a black political leader and yet his African background and Midwestern accent make him appealing to whites. His religious speech comes naturally and strikes a chord with Americans of all political stripes. It is a marked contrast to the stilted religious utterances of John Kerry or Howard Dean. Obama could be the man who convinces America's religious voters that their values are shared by Democrats. He has even featured in rap songs. Hip hop star Jadakiss rapped during one number: 'Why is Bush acting like he is trying to get Osama? Why don't we impeach him and elect Obama?' He also writes like he speaks, with a poetic cadence that would be the envy of many literary giants and stands out in a political world that values hectoring and posturing.

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From what I've heard, Obama is a hard-core liberal, albeit a very pleasant and politically savvy one. They also say that unimpeachable ~ahem~ DC political sources confirm that he's secretly gay (NTTAWWI), but that could just be evil Republican propaganda.

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One of my favorite Obama moments, was when he gave a speach to a townhall meeting about convserving natural resources and about the need to ditch big sports utility vehicles.  He was praised and cheered as he left in his SUV.


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Nonetheless, Illinois senior U.S. Senator male private part Durbin has consistently urged Obama to consider running.

How can you name a child "male private part"? Please enlighten me.