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Do things get better after 1L?

Do things get better after 1L?
« on: September 25, 2006, 09:11:25 PM »
I have a question for 2L's and beyond. Would you guys say things get a lot better after 1L? How are those elective courses compared to the standard 1L curriculum? Are they a lot more "chill" and laid back than 1L? I'm in a 1L part time program right now, and it feels really stressful. I'm curious as to whether things are like this because it is 1L, or if this is just law school in general. I'm hoping I will actually enjoy my experience once I get to choose classes, or the areas of law I'm actually interested in..I'm also hoping they will be a lot more lecture than Socratic?


Re: Do things get better after 1L?
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Im a 2L. I think that in a way, the classes become more socratic than less. Teachers expect more from you because you know enough to have made it past 1L... which if you are at a lower ranked school, is particularly a novel feat (higher attrition). As for elective courses, I find the ability to take courses I am interested in to be enjoyable, but this comes with the caveat that you must remember that the BAR will test on whatever the BAR will test on for your state and it would behoove you to take courses that deal with whatever material may show up on that exam. I think that writing class is a little bit easier because you know how to creac, crpac, etc. and have a few papers, and hopefully a summer of work under your belt. Is 2L easier though? Not particularly, from my point of view; but with 1L behind you, you are more accustomed to the pace and work. 3L, I hear, is cake.

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I have a little different perspective.  I agree that it is not really easier, but different.  From a workload standpoint, I think that there is alot more.  Instead of the slow pace of fleshing out 1-2 cases per class in 1L, we now focus more on statutes and it seems the reading assignments are more volumous.

However, at least at my school, the professors are incredibly more laid back.  There is much less Socratic dialogue (I wish there were--I think the method is valuable) and calling on students is often reduced to volunteers only or professor's telling you in advance when you will be called-on.

Another point someone may bring up is that I'm a transfer 2L, but I think this assessment accurately reflects the difference between 1L and 2L rather than between my schools.  The reason being that I have discussed this with both 2Ls (fmr section mates) at my old school and with 1Ls at this school.

I think the bottom line is that while first year is very uniform across the country, even among T1a and T4s alike, the second year depends more heavily on the professor, the school, and other factors so there may not be an answer.


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I am not a 2L (well, not yet :) but things do get much better after the first year.


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Re: Do things get better after 1L?
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As a 2L, I can say things get both better and worse than 1L.  The work isn't as stressful as it was last year, namely because you know how to read cases and what's important.  That being said, there can be more coursework, depending on the professor, which is partly because the professors move a lot faster.  Its easy to start feeling lost and "left behind."  Taking classes that interest you is fun, and it is nice to get away from the 1L grind.  You take a lot of stuff that you never thought you would, which is interesting because you may find yourself liking areas of law you had never considered before.  With the exception of some of the "harder subjects" (tax comes to mind for some reason), I wouldn't worry about taking classes for the BAR.  This is what BARbri is for, and a lot of friend that have taken the bar exam said Barbri will teach you what you need to know.

2L is also worse than 1L in several ways; the job search starts immediately, and is much more stressful.  If you're on journal or moot court, you're adding in additional research, cite checking, drafting, revising, etc. on top of an already full schedule.

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2L is infinitely better than 1L for a slew of reasons that i won't go into (you'll probably be able to figure them out on your own just from talking with 2Ls, etc.)