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Can someone tell me what books are being used for Property and Civ Pro? Thanks!!

For Civ Pro are you using Civil Procedure Doctrine, Practice, and Context, Subrin, et al, 2nd edition?

For Property are you using , Property, Dukeminier, et al, 6th edition?

I'm applying to transfer into OU for the Spring 07 class and was wondering if I would be buying more books or could use the ones I'm using now. I will be transferring from a part time program where I'm in my second year. Thanks...

OU does not have a Spring class... Not sure where you read that.

I didn't mean class like the 2006 - 2007 Fall starting class. I just meant the class after the Christmas break. Technically they would be Property II and Civ Pro II. Generally you use the same books for Property II that you did for Property I and so on.

Well... OU does not allow spring transfers. Further, OU does not offer Property I to first year fall students.  I am not sure where you are getting your information.  You may wish to contact Kathie Madden in the Admissions Office.


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