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Survey for all you 2L's, 3L's

Re: Survey for all you 2L's, 3L's
« Reply #10 on: August 19, 2006, 02:36:56 PM »
Thanks to all who answered so far.  Please keep them coming.  The larger the sample the better the idea new students can get. Thanks again.

You do realize that you're not getting a representative sample right?

Re: Survey for all you 2L's, 3L's
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1) How many hours a week were you in class/studying/reading/tutoring?


2) What was your class rank at the end of your first semester?

top 3%

3) What tier school do you go to?

Mid Tier One

Re: Survey for all you 2L's, 3L's
« Reply #12 on: August 20, 2006, 07:11:23 AM »
Probably a little less than 30 hours per week until Mid-November then it was like 55-60 for the last month. 

We aren't ranked, but I assume I was around top ten percentish


I think if you work too hard you are out of balance and that can be a detriment to some people.  Most of the hardest working people I knew didn't do very well at all.  Most of the laziest people I knew didn't do very well either.  The people that read and outlined everything and used supplements sparingly seemed to have the most luck, but it is all a mixed bag.  You need to study the amount you feel comfortable with, but knowing all the case names and all that will only do you good if the prof asks about it, but most don't.  Most want you to be able to apply the rules to new situations in creative ways.  This does not take much memorization, but does take familiarity and a great outline if the test is open book.  My first semester all my tests were open book. In my second 2/4 were open book.

Re: Survey for all you 2L's, 3L's
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1. Maybe 30

2. School doesn't third

3. T14

My 2 cents....I've found that I'm most successful on exams when I have a good feel for what the professor personally finds important about the subject. To that end, being prepared for class and being engaged in class (i.e., not IMing and surfing the net through the WHOLE class :) really seem to make a difference in my grades, as opposed to putting in a ton of extra time at the end of the semester.

Re: Survey for all you 2L's, 3L's
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I don't claim that no relationship between hard work and grades exists, just that it is not a per se rule.  That and a query concerning mere hours worked doesn't really reveal much.  I know people who put in double the hours I do- but the way they were working would have been a waste of time for me.  There is a quality issue as well as a consideration of hours.  It is my personal opinion that 3 hours of doing practice tests is more valuable than 10 hours outlining.  I make that statement because it was true for me, but also because the former is an active type of learning and the other seems much more passive.  It is possible to spend a lot of hours creating outlines without integrating any concepts.

Genrally speaking, yes, most people at the top were hard workers.  There were also a good number of people who put in tons of hours that didn't bear much fruit.  So I guess my point is make sure than the time you spend is well spent actively engaged in learning concepts and applying them, not just in briefing and outlining because you think you are supposed to.