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« on: August 03, 2006, 01:41:32 PM »
I just transfered to RU-Camden. Anyone else transferring there for this fall?


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i just graduated from there in may. feel free to ask any questions. it's a good school. crappy neighborhood. but you're close to philly so doesn't matter too much.

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yeah i'm also going there as a transfer this fall. 

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i also just graduated in may.

i spent the entire three years there, but from what i've seen, transfers do not seem to have any trouble integrating into the student body.  have either of you registered for classes yet?

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^^ yeah i've registered for classes.  i'm taking:
ferzan - evidence
feinman - insurance law
kushner - professional responsibility
ryan - biz orgs

do you have any info on any of these profs??

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i had ryan for somehting other than Bus Orgs.  he is a nice and interesting guy, but out there a little.  the class might not be the most organized thing you've ever seen, but you should be able to do very well.

i had ferzan for evidence...she is awesome.  can be a little intimidating (former prosecutor), but she's brilliant, an incredible professor, and a really cool person.  do NOT play poker with her; she's a shark.  a word of advice:  DO NOT come to class unprepared; not good times.  bad times.  but if you're putting in honest effort, she's great.  and you will know evidence cold at the end.

didn't have feinman or kushner, but Prof. Resp. is a brutal class no matter who teaches it.  just learn the rules and get through it.  and get the MPRE out of the way before your last semester, b/c you're not gonig to want it hanging over your head at that point.