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Can anyone give me a good reason to go to Cal Westerm?


Throwing around the idea of attending Cal Western, is there anyone who can give me the good/bad/ugly of the school? I would be greatly appreciative for any and all information. Thanks!


You really want a good reason to killself in about 3 years and $250k of debt.

Cal Western Pros
(1) Highest bar passage rate in San Diego 85%
(2) Very nice library
(3) Down town location
(4) Oldest law school in SD
(5) Well respected in the SD community
(6) Moot Court room amazing and orgs are well established
(7) Bar prep course is said to be good, offer extreme discounted rate for financial need.

Cal Western Cons
(1) 30% Of the people in your 1L class wont be there next year (including Academic and other reasons)
(2) Parking may be difficult at times
(3) Might be a little dangerous walking to your car late at night from the library due to homeless people near the church
(4) Usually donít offer scholarships unless you are over the average in GPA AND LSAT

...Hope this helps.  :)

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