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« on: July 28, 2006, 11:06:04 AM »
Does anyone have any experience with them?

Costly, but possibly worth it.  I'm looking to apply out of the region my school is in.  Out of where I lived.  These guys will match the area of law I want with their database, print out resumes, cover letters and envelopes for the firms where I want in the area I want, and send them to me.

I don't know if I care about their services other than that ease.  Finding firms takes a while, customizing and printing takes forever.  May be worth the money to avoid that.

Or may just steal $1000 from me that I'll never see again.  They are trying hard to sell to me, which makes me not trust them.  Makes them seem more about sales and less about recruitment - makes them seem less professional.

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Related, but not exactly what you want.  After you have experience, you never pay a headhunter to find you a job.  Headhunters charge a fee to the folks who end up hiring you.  Thus they don't actually make money off of you until they find you a job you accept.  Of course, very few headhunters will bother with you until you have a few years of experience.

Finding a first job, it is more of a service to you, so I can see them charging you.  The problem is, they no longer only get money once they find you a job with which you are happy.  Now they get money no matter what, and only have to make whatever good faith effort is required so you don't sue them.  You could find out information on where to send a mass-mailing campaign to any law firm in the US all by yourself.  If they were hard to find, they wouldn't have business.

I presume that they help you with your resume and cover letter writing, which apart from the nominal $10 they may spend on printing and postage, is where you should evaluate whether that is worth the money.  This is something your college's career services should be helping you do for free.  Personally, I'd not consider it.  There may be some extenuating circumstances in your case, but in general I'd consider it a bad deal since you have to pay up front.