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APARTMENT avail. - SYRACUSE - Most sought after apt in Syr.


Looking for someone to move into Jefferson Towers and take over my lease. I have already paid 2 months and willing to pay for the month of August or one month free. Spacious room. Washer/dryer on the top (plentiful). Swimming Pool. Very close to downtown Syracuse/Armory Square and easy access to ALL of the major highways!! Very clean. Very big. Very safe. Roommate is a law student.

This apartment is a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment! With a full kitchen and HUGE living room space.

Jefferson towers is full of med students. Quiet. There is always someone to accept packages that are delivered during the day.

This is handsdown the best place to live in Syracuse. It usually fills up quickly and extremely close to the lawschool. (20 minute leisurely walk). Less than 5 minutes by car (more like 3 minutes).
Please contact immediately if interested.

This is really a great apartment. Carpet.  Newly painted walls.  Your own bathoom!  This is the apartment complex that is always in demand and yet no one can get an apartment easily.  It fills up.  The landlord is great. Maintenance is great.  (Same day services as long as it is within reasonable time). 

If you have any questions, please let me know!   :P

50 Presidential Plaza
Syracuse, NY  13202