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yea...worse come to worse, ask again early at registration/ i said, several people did it last year and i believe several did it the year before too

The evening program starts at 5:30 Monday through Thursday.  For those of you working, this time is perfect because the reserved parking spots are available for student parking at 5 pm.  For those who choose to do so, there is a 4 pm lawyering skills class available.  If you elect to do the 4 pm class, you will have the 4 pm class for both semesters. 

As far as I know any evening student can switch to the day program after completing their first year.  However, because the evening program is a few classes short of the day program, evening students must take the remaining first year classes in the evening during their second year.  After the first year, any student can take classes at any time, you are just broken down by how many credits you take, evening students take less than 12 credits, day students take at least 12 credits.  However, evening students have priority over the day students for the evening classes.

If you switch to the day program, evening students must make up 10 credits in order to graduate in three years.  This can be broken down in a few ways: (1) take 2-3 credits during summer school and then 15-16 credits during the remaining semesters; (2) petition the dean to allow you to take 17 credits during three of your semesters; (3) take 6 credits from another graduate course (e.g. MBA) during the summer and then 14-15 credits during the remaining semesters. 

Yes, working full time and going to school sucks, but it is doable.  You will spend your weekends doing the following week's reading and completing lawyering skills assignments.  What ever you do, do not fall behind as it is almost impossible to catch up.  Most of the professors understand that some students must work while going to school and will give you at least one weekend to get your assignments done.  That is, they will not assign something on Monday to have you turn in on Wednesday, rather they will assign something on Wednesday to turn in the following Monday.  If they do the former, just ask them to revise the due date when they hand out the assignment. 


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