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I was on the waitlist and I was just accepted into the evening division. Are there any 2L's out there that worked full-time with the 10 credit courseload? Is it possible? I used to be a pretty good student before I started working...what do you think? Also, I heard from a graduate's wife that it costs less to take summer classes and not take the full load. Does anyone know anything about that? If anyone wants to get together before school starts, I am up for it.

I attended another PT-Evening program and worked 40 hours a week. 19 credits after the first year. It was a lot of work but definitely not impossible. If you were a good student it should be doable, just make sure to aim for the maximum study time at first to get a head start on everything. Then, reduce as needed. I on the other hand did not have a good academic background so I wasn't sure how I would fare. In the end, I kicked ass. It's just about managing your workload and setting aside study time. I hope to be at USD next year for my 2L. Good luck.

Did you originally try to go FT there?  If you did, then your circumstances finacially wouldnt be worse off if you decided to just not work and study the first semester.  See how you do then try working after that...Also, for some schools it ends up being cheaper.  My school for instance is around 10 grand cheaper if you go PT...Of course you can always just pile on credits your 2 or 3L and graduate on time.  Make sure you look really hard into the Law Review rules though, becuase most PT students wont be able to get onto Law review until their 3rd year, and many Law Reviews are a 2 year program.  So if you decide that you want to cram it into 3yrs, you might get screwed.  I know of some smaller journals at schools that let you do one year though.

I went PT this year and worked full time.  It's definitely manageable but a lot of work.  I'm at the top of my class, but I did everything I could to get there, reading, briefing, outlining, studying, all of it.  Just don't get behind, because there is no time to catch up.

The one thing you have to do is arrange with your work at the outset to have a lot of time off at exams, it's crucial, if even for your sanity.  If you add up work and school as work, I probably worked less hours during exams than during the semester, but being able to focus only on class for that week and a half was very beneficial.

I was just accepted off the waitlist for the part time program and I am very excited about USD! Can you tell me more about the PT program? All it says online is that it starts at 5:30 and takes 4 years (not too much info. :) )


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