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I'd rather have the $2500/wk (presumably firm job), no question about it.  The cost of law school has been a big question mark hanging over my head since I decided to attend.  I'd also like to get some experience seeing how the firms and their lawyers operate as soon as possible.

I'd probably consider the summer writing next, but not for getting my name in the book.  I'd be doing it for the face time with the professor.  It'd help in obtaining a better LoR from the professor, and possibly some personal networking from the professor.


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« Reply #11 on: June 26, 2006, 09:15:04 AM »
For the purposes of my ideal career aspirations, I would take the facetime with the prof -- because ideally I would like to end up in academia.

But realistically and pragmatically, I would take the $2500/wk, to help reduce my student loan totals and to get me an 'in' with a firm, so that I can get a high-paying firm job in the likely absence of academic opportunities. Also, I plan to develop relationships with profs outside of class, year round, to keep the academic avenue open.

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Since the Academic route employs so few people, I think that the schools and administrations tend to hand pick those folks they think would make it in the Academic world.

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Would I be amiss to guess your aspiration is a biglaw partnership, or do you have another ambition?

It is definitely on the table.  I worry that the time commitment for that may be too great for me.  I'd also be happy with making partner in a small or mid-sized firm, or making myself a partner by opening up a solo/joint office.

I think I'd also enjoy being a judge or a professor.  It is just harder to get those jobs.  Besides, being a BigLaw partner renowned for your work in a specific field can help land you those jobs.  I wonder how much money it takes to endow a tenured named position at a law school, and taking the first seat for yourself.  That'd probably the only way I'd actually get in at a school.  :)

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I don't think it works as well with becoming a judge.  At least not doing it quite that openly.

I do wonder if it is possible with a law school or not.  Tell them you'll pay the $50Mill or whatever it takes to establish the chair, but you want to sit it in till you die first.  Maybe to do that you have to have enough money to start your own law school and name yourself the first Dean.

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The Frankie J. Piscopo School of Law, presiding dean Frankie J. Piscopo, holder of the Frankie J. Piscopo Endowed Chair in Criminal Law.

Yeah, I can see the students just flocking en masse to study there.  ;)

:)  I'm sure it would take its place amongst the T4 schools.  I'm also sure there are enough people who're willing to go to law school, that they'd go to the Piscopo School of Law, even if it were located in Frankieville.


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that makes me really sad.  No wonder guys have such low opinions of women >:(


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 :D ::)