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« on: June 19, 2006, 08:02:13 PM »
Can anyone find a list of what firms do OCI at UT? I tried to access the current database and our UTEIDs don't give us access yet.

I don't necessarily need thsi year's list, but hopefully a recent list to check job prospects...

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I use the NALP Directory as well when trying to investigate firms and where they interview.  I believe that the Directory is voluntary on the part of the firm.  The NALP sends out questionnaires to each of the firms and every office is supposed to fill it out and send it back.  It looks like something that only the large and mid-sized firms do.  So there are probably several small and mid-sized firms that are not listed.  When your office only has 3 "partners" and 5 associates, you don't fill out such things as you probably only go interview at one school every other year.

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Baker Botts.

That's all I know.

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From the NALP, here's the ones I'll end up caring about most for my 1L:
Baker Botts, NY,NY
Beck, Redden & Secrest, Houston, TX
Darby & Darby, NY,NY
Fulbright & Jaworski, NY, NY
since they're the only ones listed as doing patent work who hire 1Ls.  That's a really short list.  :(  Though I think some places put down Intellectual Property as their category when they do Patent work as well.

Even adding in the firms that don't hire 1Ls the list stays fairly small.
Darby & Darby, Seattle, WA
Heller Ehrman, San Fran, CA
Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, NY, NY, Dallas, TX
Salans, NY, NY

I'm certainly hoping that this is only because some of the smaller patent offices just don't fill out the survey.  Tonyp, the place you work at isn't up there, as none are from Austin.  Your work not fill out the surveys, or they just list themselves as generic Intellectual Property?

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V&E does IP 1L summer associateships.

One of my fraternity brothers is a partner in their IP department.  We should talk, if you're interested.

Yeah, they must be one that placed down IP as their category but does Patent work as well.  There are a lot more of those companies listed, but Vinson & Elkins isn't showing up in my searches, even though looking at their profile it seems like they should.

Yeah, I'd be interested in this.  It actually seems to fit well with the kinds of firms I'll be looking at.  Which office does he work out of?  I know we aren't allowed to start the official job search till December 1st or so, but it'd be nice to have someone waiting on his inbox for my resume once December rolls around.

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Yeah, I've dealt with interns before at my job.  In fact, they're giving me one for the last half of this summer.  You don't give them real jobs, mostly research like projects, or time consuming side projects you're perfectly willing to throw away once they leave.

The main point of the internship is so that the employer has 3 months or so in which to evaluate you as an employee.  It works much better than an interview.  Around half of the interns we take at our company end up making the cut and get job offers or internship offers for the next summer at their exit interviews.  The other half just failed the extended "interview" process.

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he's in the frost bank building in downtown Austin.

Hmmm..  That isn't the same place that is listed on the site as their Austin office.  Have they moved offices and just not updated their webpage, or is it typical to have one office listed as the site, but actually have the lawyers spread across a few buildings?

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I guess UT calls it first semester Fall semester, and the one starting in January the Spring one.  It looks like almost everyone gets all their recruiting done in the Fall.  I wonder how that will work for 1L internships.  Do the ones who want 1Ls plan their visits for December?

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what pisses me off about OCI is that you can only interview with so many firms, as opposed to spending 3 or 4 weeks talking to everyone who'll sit down with you and offer money.  I think the firms deserve an equal chance, really.

Who honestly knows anything truly significant about all of those firms listed?  Or rather, who knows enough to make truly educated distinctions besides "reputation"?

The Career Services office limits the number of people with whom you interview on campus?  That sucks.  I'm also used to the apply with everyone and see who gives you the interview philosophy.

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A lot depends on what the figure is actually saying.  Even if they were explicit, it is hard to take care of all situations.  Most 1Ls find something to do during the summers.  Many of them are stuck with low or non-paying jobs as judicial clerks, non-profits, or small firms.

The number I'm most interested in is what percentage of the folks get a job that pays at least $1500/week (2000+ is what the big firms seem to pay) in the legal realm.  Shoot, even getting that much in the non-legal realm wouldn't be that bad.