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20 Hours of work per week.  It doesn't apply during the summer break, and I hadn't though to wonder about the winter break till now, but I can't imagine anyone making a stink about it, since you shouldn't have anything to study during that time anyway.


--- Quote from: tonyp on June 16, 2006, 12:52:00 PM ---FWIW, the guy I work for told me he had no problems working 20+ hours a week during 2L and 3L.  Granted, he's a workaholic, but the sense that life changes pretty dramatically after 1L seems to be a universal.

--- End quote ---

That's what I've heard too.  1L is the hardest year, 2L is still tough, but not as bad.  3L you mostly coast on by, because you know most of what you need to know.  The school probably has to figure that students will be gone semi-regularly on callback interviews.

And can you mention the name of the firm, so we know which workaholic place to avoid?  ;)  Unfortunately, I'm afraid we'll have to deal with workaholics nearly anywhere we go till we open up our own firms.

I expect to get a job at a big law firm when I graduate.  General concensus is that they have the best training programs, and that if you want to lateral elsewhere, you have a much easier time.  I don't know what will happen after that.  We'll have a kid entering kindergarden right after I graduate, so that will start to be a concern.

I hope to work at a big law firm for at least 3 years, or until I have debt paid off and some money in the bank, whichever is later.  By that time, I should know if I am doing well enough to be considered a partner-track associate.  After that, maybe I'll try a small-mid firm; maybe I'll try for a Judicial Clerkship at that point; or maybe I'll hunt one of y'all down and start renting some office space.

I've considered going straight into a boutique firm immediately.  I just don't think I'll be ready to commit absolutely to Patent law from the get-go.  I want to spend my first year sticking my fingers in all sorts of pots and seeing what tastes good.  I don't think I can reasonably expect to be decided after just two summer internships.

Quality of Life issues are something I'm also very concerned about.  I do see them being better at the smaller firms.  Its one reason I keep open the option of starting my own practice, just in case I can't find anywhere with the qualities I want.


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