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PT student employment question


PT student employment question
« on: June 13, 2006, 03:23:00 AM »
I'll be a PT evening student this fall for my 1L.  Finacial circumstances changed allowing me the option to not have to work, which I am delighted about.  I have class M-F at 5:30pm...and I was happy about the fact that I would have an entire day to devote to studying....Recently though, I have been thinking that with this time, I should perhaps really consider working a few hours.  In particular I would just like to contact some small firms and offer to volunteer at their offices maybe once a week for a few hours.  Being that I'm a PT student, should I still avoid this?  I originally thought no, but then I keep hearing how absolutley brutal legal research and writing is, and how that in itself is a JOB...It would be helpful to get some insight...Also, how probable is it that a firm would even offer to interview a 1L pt student for a voulunteer position?  If I were offered the opportunity, I think it would be a great way to network a little a few hours a week and still be able devote ample time to study.  I worry however that they may look at only donating a few hours a week as meaningless.   Thanks in advance.

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Legal research and writing IS a huge amount of work. If you don't think you can handle classes, doing the research, and working at least PT, though, I'd seriously consider a different profession. Plenty of people in the evening program will be working full time while managing the school work and a family.

If you want to be coddled, go to school full time days and leave the evening program to those who can handle the workload.


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Thanks for the advice...You may want to work on your delivery though good sir. Its called a question, from a 0L who has the right to...BIG SUPRISE...ASK QUESTIONS.  And last time I checked this wasnt XOXO so you need to calm down a bit with the "you're not going to make it" attitude buddy. 

Now that this issue is out of the way, can I get some more insight?

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You could handle it....

Highway: your a fukin chump, brother. 


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Re: PT student employment question
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PT programs are created for people who work during the day, so I'm sure you can work part-time or full-time during the day. They wouldn't have the part-time program if you couldn't. Obviously you'll have to manage every second of your time, but many people are able to do that every year. That said, I wouldn't take a job that requires you to work overtime. You want a more routine schedule.

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Highway is right. IF you honestly do not believe that you can handle a part-time workload without working a job, then you will not make it past first year. Sorry, its the brunt truth. 90% of you classmates are people who have full-time jobs, and most of them will be in supervisory or management positions. Hell, in my section, the person with the "worst" job was a girl who was store manager of a Radio Shack. So, if you don't think you can handle copying and filing for a few hours one day per week plus get your law school work done, then you are bound for failure. Sorry. If the truth hurts too much, don't ask the question.

BTW, you do not have the "right" to post here. This is the students and graduates forum. On the pre-law page, there is a "soon to be 1L" forum. Enough law students still lurk there to answer questions. If you post here, be ready for some cranky law students fed up with stupid "0L" questions that they have answered a million times being asked over and over and over again . . . . and then when they do break down and answer one having the "0L" snap back like you did because you don't like hearing the truth. Grow a thicker skin, babe. Profs are twice as harsh.

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Definitely get a job, I recommend one that pays.  I worked full time and did PT law school and ended up at the top of my class.  I believe there is a breaking point in studying for law school where more studying does not equal better grades.  I spent the whole weekend reading and briefing cases (yes, I'll admit I did it all year) until the end when I would split my time between reading and outlining.)  I did very little work during the week other than going to class and maybe reading 20 pages or so I didn't get to over the weekend.

LRW is tough, but it can be done, generally, it is finished by the time exams come around, so it doesn't interfere with that schedule. 

My only caveat is this, make sure in whatever job you get, you pre-arrange time off for finals, that is the one time you don't want to be working every day of the week.  most jobs will be flexible if you are up front with them about it.

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Yeah you know what?  You're all right, the kid has no right to post here! LSD statute 3.11 clearly states: Under no circumstances can a 0L sub-zero L, undergraduate or MED student post on this board.  In addition, you are also right about him "not making it. He will get eaten alive.  No question about it, this kid is fukin shark food.  He is going to fail out, miss all his loan payments, and end up taking a ride down to a local river, drink away his pain, and then proceed to blow his brain matter out the back of his head with double barrel.  LISTEN OP!!! THIS IS YOUR FUTURE! You have been warned by the collective genius of the LSD students and graduates board.  You must take this seriously! Their insight goes beyond any worldly knowledge.  It ventures into the catacombs of deep thought and reason, in order to provide you, a secular body, a 0L, a Zero in life...a glimpse into an unavoidable future.  They know the legal profession, THEY LIVE IT.  THEY HAVE TAKEN CIVIL PROCEDURE FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!!!!!!!  They know better than to fall prey to the mistaken belief that fellow students and soon to be ONE-Ls deserve respect.  F-THAT!  THIS IS A DOG EAT DOG WORLD!! THIS IS GORDON GEKKO SH!T!!!  If you can't make it pal, your done for!  No time for questions, NO TIME FOR ANSWERS!  TELL IT LIKE IT IS!  Expose them to what their future will be!! A mountain of debt and an exit wound the size of a grapefruit!!!!!