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do profs ever know what students get

do profs ever know what students get
« on: June 10, 2006, 12:40:55 PM »
So, after the profs finish grading the finals anonymously and turn them into the registrar, do they get a list of what students got?  Or a list of which student had what number so they can see who wrote what? 

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The short answer is - yes they can. Some profs will give "participation points" and bump you up if you're border-line and participated in class. Also, if they want to distribute copies of the model student answer then they have to get that student's permission so they have to find out who wrote it. I know at my school they have the ability to see who got what.

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I'm sure it would not be hard at all for them to figure out if they were really curious.  At my school, you can use the student ID number tha we sign our exams with to look up someone in the student directory. 

Whether or not they do, which is your question is a different story.  I'm not sure anyone really knows that answer.  You'd have to ask a prof.

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to clarify:

anonymity is important before AND after the exam. I think at most schools professors tell the registrar which students they want to bump up. the registrar, knowing what number corresponds to what student, modifies the grades. of course if you write the top paper then you probably don't care about anonymity.

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« Reply #4 on: June 11, 2006, 02:36:22 PM »
Exams are typically graded using the blind grading system. As far as bumping up certain individuals grades are concerned, it probably varies from school to school.

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i guess one of the reasons i asked is for say transferring or scholarships that need a letter of rec, would it be better to ask a prof which doesnt know any students names but you got an a in the class, or say a prof that knows all the students and who does what in class, but say only got a B.  What factors do the profs use to decide if they want to write a letter, or what they say, granted i never heard of a prof saying no for a request for a rec letter


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My guess is that it would be better to go with a Prof that knows you and is friendly with you even if they gave you a mediocre grade over the one that doesn't know you but whose class you aced. If nothing else, the letter will be much more likely to reflect personal feelings about your personality and all of the other intangibles that don't show up on your resume. The Prof. that doesn't know you will probably only serve to reinforce the achievements that are already listed elsewhere.

I had to ask for one last year and I went to the office of a professor who gave me the jurisprudence award (highest grade in class, not sure if everbody calls it this) only to have him tell me flat out that he didn't know who I was and that he would do it only if I sent him some information about myself. It gave me a bad vibe so I never spoke to him again and instead opted to get the letter from a Professor who gave me a 'B' but knows my name and always stops me in the hall to ask how I'm doing and tell me about his research and his new 1Ls, etc...

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I think some of the profs do try to keep tabs on students's grades.  I had a prof my 2nd year who I was pretty sure went and found out who all had made law review.  This seemed to influence his opinion.  Even after I got a very mediorce grade in his class he used to make random comments as if I was one of the "smart" kids. 
So I guess my advice to the person seeking the reference is- perception matters most.  If the prof in question thinks well of you in the first place, it may not matter to them that your grade in their class was only okay.  There isn't much to a letter of rec if all you can say is, well, this kid got good grades. Your transcript will tell the interviewer that.  But the prof who is interested enough to stop you in the hall to chat will probably write you a nice letter with more of the personal details that will make you stand out. 


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Re: do profs ever know what students get
« Reply #8 on: June 12, 2006, 07:20:38 PM »
At my school, the profs get a list back from the registrar saying who got what grade and the prof can then decide whether to bump up or down.  But the prof never knows exactly who wrote which exam (unless only one person wrote a C- or something).

As far as getting someone to be your evaluator, the prof will want to know what you got in his or her class if he doesn't already know.  I know for applying for clerkships you basically have to have profs for whom you got an A in their class.  I don't know if this applies to transfering or not.  The best thing would be to ask the prof "here is my goal, do you feel that you can write an effective recommendation for me?"  That way, if the prof likes you has reservations about your grade, he can tell you so.