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is it wise to transfer to a high ranked tier 2 school if you have made law review at a tier 4?
please discuss. 

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Either one will be real regional most likely so it likely depends on where you want to be.  As for law review, it's a little overrated unless you're at a T1 school looking for a big firm job.  Also, look and see what number of big firms interview at the T2.  If that's what you want (or even if it isn't its a good way to guage job potential) then I would transfer.


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I would transfer. It seems like you're capable of doing well, and a tier 2 is more often than not going to give you much better placement/salary, etc. Both schools will be 'regional' in a sense, but the tier 4 is more likely to be a 'city' type of regional, while the tier 2 will probably carry you across whatever 1/4th of the US you're in without too much trouble. I'm basing this mostly on my experience with schools in Oregon/Washington, and from others input on LSD - so take it with a grain of salt.

I would transfer.