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I'm an incoming class of '09 day student.  I want to take a shot at using this board to share as much info about RU-N as possible, since it doesn't seem to get much attention in the regular boards.

Also, I'm from the NJ area, so I might be able to answer questions about apartments, neighborhoods, and such.

Here's hoping this thread won't go unnoticed.

Looks like I am also going to be in the class of '09 with you. Don't have any questions about the area though. Just wanted to let you know that your thread didn't go entirely unnoticed.

Cool.  I'd about given up.

Wouldn't happen to be in MSP, would you?

Nope, can't say that I am.

You day or night program?

yeah RutNewLaw '09! ;D

I'm gonna be in the day program - early track.  I figure the early track will make me more productive. I hope... :-\


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