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Can I go anywhere?

Can I go anywhere?
« on: June 06, 2006, 08:55:03 PM »

I have a 3.38 1L gpa from a #25-35 ranked school. Is there any point in trying to transfer to somewhere higher?

In terms of non t-14's ranked higher than my school, there are a few whose geographical location I'd prefer (primarily Vandy or UT), but other than that, if at all possible, I'd prefer to go to a T-14. That sounds probably ludicrous given my poor GPA, I know, but I thought I'd throw it out there and see if anyone had prior experience or had heard of anyone transferring.


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what's your class rank?

Re: Can I go anywhere?
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My school doesn't publish rank, but the top 30% GPA for first semester was 3.42 I think


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I mean, you can give it a shot, and if you have the money for the apps and the time, why not? But transferring into a school is harder than gaining normal admission, from what I can see. The lowest into class rank I've heard of Tier 1's accepting in a transfer is 15%, so I think you're outside the range.

The good news is, you're at a tier 1, in the top half (I think) of your class. You'll have tons of doors open to you, and life ain't gonna be hard if you keep it up.

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Thanks for the advice - that's pretty much the way I feel; I can waste the money and maybe transfer, but then again, with no scolarship $$, I don't think it'd be too smart to transfer unless it was to a clearly superior school, which I'm sure I wouldn't get into. I hope you're right about many doors being open though. I estimate i'm in the top 35-40% of the class if that would provide anymore information.

P.S. Upon re-reading the title of my thread, I didn't mean to say "can I go anywhere I choose" - It was more "would I be able to successfully transfer" If anyone thought that sounded slightly pompous

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If I was in your spot, I would go for it (primarily aiming for outside top 14 and perhaps those that are looking for transfers [i.e. those that accept a decent amount of transfers just not a few slots for those that leave).  You have to weigh it heavily though should you get accepted as you have benefits in staying and already having strong record from a solid school.  While it is tough to transfer out, with a solid record (as top 1/3) from a solid tier 1 school will absolutely help.

I am in a somewhat similar position but slightly higher ranked school (20-25) and lower grades.  If my grades were higher, I would certainly apply.  You can also talk very frankly with your admissions dean as he/she may be able to give you some advice.  Good luck.