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Really... Aren't all of you cats just wasting you f'in' times?


--- Quote from: jason1114 on June 01, 2006, 12:46:54 AM ---Really... Aren't all of you cats just wasting you f'in' times?

--- End quote ---

Personally, I have embarked upon many journeys that, after completion turned out to be a waste of my time.  Such is life.  Earning an online JD suits my particular situation and is certainly not for evryone.  I am already professionally employed as a FOIA Analyst with the Federal government.  I love my work, enjoy my collegues, and earn a what I feel is a good salary (it does more than simply pay the bills). Since my children are self-sufficient adults, I have few obligations and can afford to pay the expenses without incurring debt.

Now I have the time and opportunity to pursue a legal education that will allow me to rise in my chosen profession.  I will emphasize "chosen profession" because I have learned that success can be measured by the sense of one's fulfillment and getting paid for doing that which is purely enjoyable is not really working for a living at all.

I wish you the best in your journey. 


For those of us who aren't in the percentile that can afford the time and $$$ to attend an ABA LS (time is most likely the greatest factor), YES, DL is a viable avenue to pursue a law degree. 

Career development and self improvement may be the main purpose of DL learning.  We may not WANT to become a practicing attorney.  We may already have career paths in which a non-ABA JD degree can only assist in our journey.  There are those who say, "Aren't you all just wasting your time & $$$?", and the answer is most certainly...NO.  To interject that blanket statement with the assumption that it covers everyone in every situation is completly asinine.

I agree with LawSchool@40 & GovLaw in that everyone embarks on this journey for different reasons, but without truly knowing the reasons behind the decision the quoted blanket statement cannot be true. 



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