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Is anyone looking for a roommate for the upcoming year? Any information/suggestions/advice on housing?
Also, is there an official USD Class of '09 thread yet?

I'm looking, and I did start a thread for the class of 09 in the pre-law section.

Any good finds? I've been searching Craigslist, but don't plan to move until Aug 1. USD mentioned something about a roommate list in June, but I have no idea how they are planning on compiling that since they haven't sent me anything about it. U? How is the thread in pre-law? Should I join or should we start a new one here?

Yea, I've been doing the same (craigs and whatever random sites I happen upon).  I'm not sure how they're planning on doing the roommate list either, I hope they don't end up just sending us a list of all the 1Ls or students or whatever and actually try to compile an actual roommate list.  The thread in prelaw is pretty dead, I think it's cuz not too many people on LSD are headed to USD.  Hell, in here it's just me and you thus far.

Well, tell me about yourself. Why USD? Did you go to the accepted students thing? If so, what was it like? Meet any cool people, professors, etc.? I've spent a lot of time in SoCal, but never actually made it to San Diego. Would love to hear your thoughts.


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