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« on: May 21, 2006, 05:00:56 AM »
So from what I've seen about LEEWS, it seems like how well it works is quite school/professor dependent. I'm considering getting it (most likely through Flebay) and was wondering if anyone has any insight they can share as to how well it works at USD?  Thanks a bunch!


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I'm at USD.

I bought the CD version. It's okay I guess. It basically encourages you to take an exam step by step, question by question, so you're not overwhelmed by the entire hypo. It went through a detailed tort example and helped me see how there really were a lot of possiblilites that would score a point on an exam that I wouldn't have necessarily thought of.

But it took 9 hours of CD instruction to get that point. So, if you're really bored this summer, give it a go, but it was a pain in the ass trying to do that during the year and do the reading for classes.

Overall, the LEEWS helped a little on my torts exam, which was a racehorse type. But for other classes, the format doesn't fit very well. USD will be no different than any other school. That is, it depends on the professor and class.

Much more importantly is knowing how to gear your studying for each class. That was my best thing and I scored well. It was crazy, I would talk to someone a couple of days before an exam and they wouldn't even know that the exam was open book. I had been planning for an open book exam for months, creating a checklist and even prewritten answers to certain anticipated questions. Efficient preparation, and not LEEWS helped me do well.

Good luck at USD.


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Thanks for the detailed reply  :).  I was starting to give up hope.  Well, I'm kind of torn on whether or not to get it since A LOT of people seem to recommend it, but at the same time I know it's really learning how to study and knowing what your professors are looking for that's really going to help you do well. I'm just not sure if it's really worth the time/money to take the program because if it's something that I'd likely pick up along the way.  If so, then it's just a waste of $ to buy it.  Hmm, you wouldn't happen to be selling yours are you?  ;)


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I know this is the USD board, but I'll just add this...

I agree with jwax's answer 100%.  LEEWS is a baseline for preparation.  A law school exam is something almost no one has any experience with, and LEEWS introduces the concept, and gives a basic plan of attacked.  It was a HUGE help to me when dealing with major issue spotters.  After you do some practice issue spotter questions, LEEWS becomes second nature, and it's just part of legal reasoning.  YOu'll become totally unaware that you're even using the process.  I've used the basic argument-counterargument structure in exams where the rest of LEEWS wouldn't really have worked, and I'm sure it netted me some extra points that others missed.

However, LEEWS is not enough on its own.  As jwax said, and I had the same experience at my school, each professor is different.  Some want more detail on the few issues you talk about.  Some want a broad range of topics discussed, but no indepth analysis.  Some are more policy oriented, others are strict issue spotters all the way.  Preparing for YOUR class taught by YOUR professor is what's vital to getting a good grade.  LEEWS is a great starting point, but it should be just the beginning.


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Unfortunately, I gave mine away a few months ago. Check out ebay. Maybe go in with a friend to cut the cost.

If you can fit it in your schedule this summer, I'd recommend it. Whether or not it actually helps, it will probably boost your exam-writing confidence by making you feel like you have an edge over the non-LEEWS students.

Also, in San Diego, there's the Fleming program, so keep that in mind. He's this really cheesy guy who tries to teach you formulas for exactly how to phrase your answer. I went to the promo for the free pizza. It was good (the pizza not the promo).