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Anyone coming to SCU this year??

Re: Anyone coming to SCU this year??
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Thanks for the advice ron...

Re: Anyone coming to SCU this year??
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wow thanks for the advice. too bad i just got my acceptance yesterday so i probably won't have time order books online

Re: Anyone coming to SCU this year??
« Reply #22 on: June 24, 2007, 02:20:34 AM »
I am in fact, numero three attending SCU this fall.  Also, I have no idea what I am getting into...  :P

I sent to Santa Clara and I can tell you, it's definitely like mixing college with being dead.  But you can read about that on my site

The owners of are looking to create a large poster base on - the forums where lawyers and law students meet. 

Also check out - It is the premier place for law students who live like they are still in college.  There are hilarious stories, a blog, things that suck, a message board, funny t-shirts

Re: Anyone coming to SCU this year??
« Reply #23 on: July 04, 2008, 02:32:52 PM »
Just found out that I've been accepted to SCU's part time program. I live in Sunnyvale (in my own home and work in Santa Clara just a few blocks from the school. As for places to live, as others have noted SCU is readily accessible by public transit(bus, or train). As for bus routes, there's a primary route that runs up and down El Camino Real with direct service to the school(a one or two block walk to the Law buildings) so apartments along El Camino in Santa Clara or Sunnyvale willl have an easy commute to school. Also look for apartments near Caltrain stations such as Sunnyvale, Mountain View or even Palo Alto(probably a more expensive option as you'll be competing with all the $tanford kids). Both the Sunnyvale and Mountain View Stations are located to nice little downtown areas with lots of restaurants, etc., so apartments near these stations might be nice. Also the area around SCU is not bad but there aren't many large apartment complexes, mostly small complexes or maybe even better, cottages/in-law type units  as part of a home. I don't know for sure but the best bet might be the latter.

Re: Anyone coming to SCU this year??
« Reply #24 on: July 05, 2008, 11:16:30 PM »
Oh, hey, check it out, there's a whole board for Santa Clara on here.  You learn something new every day.

I'm coming too...I'm coming from the east coast, and currently scrambling trying to find a place to rent without knowing much at all about the area other than what Mr. Google can tell me. has been my friend; hopefully I've found a place on bus lines/Caltrain that will work out fine.  Anyone know anything about Avalon at Cahill?

I hadn't thought of living in Mountain View; I'd been looking in San Jose.


Re: Anyone coming to SCU this year??
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I was actually just looking at the "transfer" section of LSD, but saw this thread on the "most recent" list. I just finished my first yr. at Santa Clara Law, and am transferring to be closer to the market I want to work in and for family reasons. I have already posted this comment on the "top law schools" website, but, I think, I have the best apartment in Santa Clara. [855 Main St. Santa Clara CA if you want to look at it on Google Maps] My apartment and my neighbor's are coming up for lease at the end of the month. They're both 2 bedrooms and rent for around $1,600-- which I think is a good price for the area. The best thing about them, though, is that they have no shared walls and are three blocks from the campus.

At least one of the apartments, I think, is taken. But even if they both are, the landlord has other buildings that may have a vacancy, or at least suggestions.

The landlord's name is Edward Disho. He works for Pertria Management in Los Gatos. His phone # is 4083577763.

My name is Elliot, you can reach me at, and we can talk by phone from there if need be.


Re: Anyone coming to SCU this year??
« Reply #26 on: July 08, 2008, 09:33:33 AM »
That sounds fantastic, EAC.  I've emailed you.

If your looking for housing this year that is walking distance to SCU campus and are ready to move by August 1st or maybe sooner-call me direct 408-357-7763 Edward Disho-

I have a really nice 1bedroom unit thats walking distance to campus and we have other nice quiet law students in the building-

thank you-