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UDM fall 2006???

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anyone considering going?  It seems like everyone complains about the facilities and location of the school.  I don't know much about it, but am looking into it as much as possible.  any information from current students or anyone considering the school would be appreciated, because I have to make a choice about seat deposits.  Thanks

Hello!  I just received my acceptance letter today and I'm also considering.  Let me know if you get any info, and I'll do the same!  If I do decide to go, my aunt's stepdaughter lives in the Detroit area, so can try and help steer you in a decent (and safe!) area! 

yeah that is one of the things I am looking at now, trying to find the best and most safe area to live.  I plan on living in the suburbs and driving into class.  I am still waiting for about 4 more decisions, but I like what I have heard so far from UDM.  Keep me posted and I will do the same with ya

Did you see this link??,57982.msg1192966.html#msg1192966

I thought there was a lot of good (and promising) info in it. 

You may have done this already, but I put UDM in the search engine on LSD site, and have been searching through the different postings related to the school.  Most of the postings are promising. 

thanks lexinash, I just jumped onto that thread there was a bunch of good info there.  I think if I attend detroit, then I will definitly be living in the suburbs, seems like the best idea for me. 


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