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are USD grads well received in the Los Angeles/Orange county area?


can anyone out there tell me if USD grads have a hard time finding work in LA/OC?

is USD well known enough in LA/OC?

yah im wondering the same thing!! any input from ppl out there would be great!

I am not sure if you are going to get a good answer to this question. I am a 1L at USD, and have no idea about USD's reputation in OC. In San Diego it rocks, but in LA/OC, there are lots of other schools to compete with. Most people I know want to practice here in SD, so they haven't really looked for jobs/internships further north...maybe others at USD can chime in with more info.

More important than how well USD grads are received in the OC is how capable you will be at any school in getting your name out to the firms you are interested in. Connections and networking are KEY- not just at USD, but at basically any non HYS. Don't underestimate the value of human interaction. It's still the way most people get their jobs. Location plays a major part in making these connections and networking. Networking in OC- informal interviews, lunch meetings, simply much harder if you live in SD than it would be if you live in OC/LA and go to school there. Likewise, I would bet someone at USC/UCLA wouldn't have it much better off at an SD firm than would a USD student. This is simply because it is literally easier for a USD student to get his body into an SD firm's office. Hope this helps...


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