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lawyers and white shirts

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White is most traditional/ safe.  I have always heard women should only wear a black suit w/ white or beige shirt to an interview.  I am too pale for white, so I always wear a beige shirt. 

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In 2004, a rumour began to circulate on the Internet that Tom Cruise and musician Rob Thomas were having an affair.

The source also claimed that Tom Cruise was engaged in a sham relationship with Katie Holmes to cover it up, complete with a 5-year contract and $8 million for Holmes' cooperation. Their engagement is said to have happened so fast because Rob Thomas' wife, Marisol Maldonado, caught Thomas (who has faced gay rumours in the past) and Cruise in bed together. Cruise allegedly then rushed the engagement so that it would overshadow the gay scandal. Both men denied the rumors, although Thomas humorously responded to the rumors by saying that he was more upset at the suggestion that he was a Scientologist than that he was gay. "If I were gay," Thomas said, "Tom wouldn't be on the top of my list...It would be Brad Pitt.".

Cruise's public image came under further scrutiny after a number of subsequent television interviews in which he was described as acting in an odd manner and espousing a number of controversial views. In his famous Matt Lauer interview, Cruise appeared tired and hostile when discussing psychiatry, which the Church of Scientology considers to be a harmful "pseudoscience". He accused Lauer of being "glib" and insisted that there is "no such thing as a chemical imbalance", and that through "vitamins and exercise" a person's psychiatric problems can be cured. Noting that Katie Holmes was embracing Scientology, Lauer then asked Cruise if he could be with someone who wasn't a Scientologist. He replied: "It's something you don't understand. You can be a Christian and be a Scientologist. It is a religion in that it deals with the spirit, you as a spiritual being."

Subsequent internet chatter (blogs, opinion sites) labeled Tom Cruise to be something of a loon, and such sites as Fark have running gags featuring Tom as either gay, crazy, or of marginal intelligence.


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Well, Tom Cruise may be gay, and he may want to remain in the closet no matter what, but why is it so troubling to you?! Does not everyone have the right to choose whether to come out or not?! Why would everybody want him to be "out"?! Don't you understand that he won't be able to get as many and as good contracts in case he reveals he's gay (assuming he is)?! Yeah, let's "out" all the closet cases. That's a great way to bring all faggots together to live in harmony. Destroy lives, hurt people, divide, divide, divide. Why is a closet case a detriment to the "out" gays?! Who is a closeted gay hurting, except himself and maybe his family? Isn't he the one who has to deal with it? Is it not up to HIM to decide how to live his own life?

Shut the @ # ! *, up! Remaining in the closet has devastating effects for homosexuals and the society. For rich people in positions of power outing is mandatory.

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I"m not worried about the white shirts...people are still condeming me for wearing white socks with black shoes.


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This is from legal authority.  Dressing the Part

The legal profession is still fairly conservative, so that means you should dress fairly conservatively. Whether you are male or female, you'll need a good suit that fits you well.


A sport coat and slacks won't cut it for this interview. And don't even think of trying to get away with a blazer that sort of matches those Dockers. You need a quality two-piece suit. A suit with traditional styling will be most versatile. Sure, those longer, four-button suit jackets worn over a collarless shirt with no tie may look hip on some celebrities, but keep in mind: you're not a celebrity.

A solid navy blue or charcoal gray is most traditional. Pinstripes are permissible, as long as they are very subtle. Fabric
The suit should be 100 percent wool. The shirt should be 100 percent cotton with a matte finish.
The jacket should have two or three buttons. Fit is very important. The jacket should button without straining and the sleeves should end at about your wrist bone, allowing about a quarter-inch of your shirt cuff to show.
Suit pants traditionally have a cuff.
White is the safest bet, and it also hides sweat stains the best. Off-white or pale blue are also acceptable. No button-down collars-they are too informal.
Yes, you have to wear a tie. Look for a quality, 100-percent silk tie with a subtle pattern. Though it became somewhat of a cliché, a red "power tie" still signifies assertiveness. No bow ties. The "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" look is played out and is too trendy for a job interview anyway.
Take out all earrings, tongue rings, and facial piercings. The only acceptable jewelry for a man is a wedding ring.
A watch adds a nice touch, but your Timex with a plastic band won't add to the professional look you are going for. Choose a watch with a nice leather strap or a metal band.
With a navy blue or gray suit, black shoes are best. Make sure they are clean, well-polished and in good repair. Wing-tips or cap toe styles are most appropriate.
Your socks should match the suit.
The belt must match the shoes. Make sure the buckle isn't too big or flashy.
Cuff links/Tie Tack
Acceptable if subtle.
A small leather briefcase is appropriate and necessary to hold extra copies of your resume, a pen, and notepaper. No backpacks or messenger bags. The pen should be of good quality, not a Bic! And please, don't bring a sheaf of loose-leaf paper or a wirebound notebook. Invest in something that looks professional. Try an office supply store. If you carry a cell phone or pager, make sure it is turned off!
Make sure it is neat and well groomed, but don't make it too sticky, stiff, or slick. Shorter is better. The clean-shaven look is most professional.
The last thing you want to do is give your employer an allergy attack, so either lay off the cologne or use it very, very sparingly.


This is not the time to show off your great figure or your fabulous sense of style. This is the time to create a professional image. The best way to do that is in a traditional skirt suit. Yes, a nice dress may look pretty, but it lacks a sense of authority. Yes, pants may be more comfortable, but a skirt suit is more formal.

Navy blue or gray are most traditional. Black may also be acceptable.
The suit should be 100 percent wool or a wool blend. Stay away from synthetics, if possible. A silk blouse or shell underneath is classic.
Make sure you can button it without having the fabric pull. Once the jacket is buttoned, it should not gape open around the buttons. If it does, it's too tight.
The skirt should hover around your knee. Any shorter is unprofessional. Any longer and you may look dowdy. Make sure you can walk without the skirt riding up or wrinkling across your hips.
A blouse or shell conveys a professional look. Try white, cream, or any pastel that coordinates with the suit and complements your skin tone.
Keep it simple. Wear no more than one pair of earrings. Small hoops or studs work best. A single strand of pearls adds polish, and your watch should have a nice leather band or a metal bracelet. Keep rings to a minimum—no more than one on each hand. Again, remove any facial piercings or tongue rings.
Make sure they are clean and polished. Choose a color that coordinates with your suit. Heels should be no higher than two inches. Make sure you can walk comfortably! If you buy new shoes, it may help to break them in a few days before the interview. Be sure to scuff up the soles so that you won't slip on polished hardwood or marble floors.
Yes, you have to wear them. A color that matches your skin tone works best. Avoid white or off-white. Stash an extra pair in your briefcase or purse in case of runs.
Carry one or the other, but not both. A briefcase can look more professional and will provide you with more room to carry extra copies of your resume, a good-quality pen (not Bic!), and some notepaper. Don't carry loose-leaf sheets or a spiralbound notebook like the one you used in high school. Find something more appropriate at an office supply store. If you carry a cell phone or pager, make sure it is turned off!
Keep it neat. If you have a tendency to play with your hair when you are nervous, you may want to tie it back away from your face.
Don't cake it on. If you don't normally use makeup, that is fine. If you do, keep it natural looking. No sparkles or excess shine. A little powder, lipstick, and mascara should be plenty.
Keep in mind that heavy scents can trigger a sneezing fit, so consider skipping the perfume or wearing a very small amount. Do not use scented body wash, scented lotion, scented hairspray, or perfume. That's just an asthma attack waiting to happen.

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unless you are interviewing for a personal injury firm, then you want your haired slicked back, geled to the max,

Erin Brockovitch: It's A Much Better Law Movie Than Anyone Else
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Remember this movie and Tom Cruise, the Harvard-mouthed, faggoty white-suited appearing before Jack Nicholson? :)

Re: Erin Brockovitch: It's A Much Better Law Movie Than Anyone Else
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Remember this movie and Tom Cruise, the Harvard-mouthed, fagotty white-suited appearing before Jack Nicholson? :)

Tom has a great last name, lol!

How about this other one?
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