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I will be graduating from UW madison Pharmacy school (PharmD) in may 2007.  I always thought I wanted to go into hospital administration, but I started working at WARF (Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation) and I love it...  What recomendations would you have for me in regards to law school?  I have a BS in Biology from UW madison and will have my PharmD next year....  This is a big change, but I don't know much about how law school is.  Is it comparable to pharmacy school in terms of rigor/degree of dificulty?  Any suggestions/opinions from current law students would be great.


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Isnt pharmacy school 6 years long? Also from what I have read with baby boomers getting older the wages of pharmacists easily reach 6 figures. Personally I think law school would be a waste of time and money, you have a great education and I would use it if I were you.  I would say read some lawyer blogs such as greedy associates or anonymous lawyer and you will see that the life of a lawyer is not that desireable.  Of course there are exceptions but not many lol best of luck.  (ps I think you could make millions selling lawyers anti depressants)


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i think pharmacy school is actually 4 years, though i could be wrong.

to the OP- sdlaw is absolutely right. you've got a good degree that will in all likelihood get you a good job which will probably make you much happier than being a lawyer would. unless you have a compelling reason to have both a PharmD and a JD, you're better off sticking with the PharmD. the time, energy and resources it would take for a career switch (of which you are also questioning right now) probably wouldn't be worth it.

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Most PharmD programs are 3 years (including one year of residency), and yes, at least in CA, you'll be making 6 figures straight out of school.  HUGE demand for outpatient pharmacists.  At a job that's relatively chill.  My girl is going to pharmacy school once I'm outta law school, and she'll probably be starting out at a higher salary than me.

I worked with someone who went back to school and got his JD after pharmacy school.  Said law school is exponentially harder than pharmacy school.


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Re: PharmD/JD
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Gotta say I agree with all of the above...I have a BS in micro/chem, and an MS in Microbial physiology....Law is significantly more difficult than either. Not because of the actual work, but because of the workload.

Stick with the pharmD....if you really want to go further, get MPA or Ph.D. in public policy/gov't....