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tis true

GW is gunnertopia


whast the story on the patent bar - i'm taking it this summer while also working as a judicial intern for a judge

can i realistically prepare for this thing while working also? the CDO told me that the test requires 200 hours of prep time, this strikes me as severe - is it really that hard? please gimme a heads up

I studied for 6 weeks and took 9 practice tests, passed on the first try.  The thing about the patent bar is that they are not releasing the old questions anymore. pre-2003 the test was on paper and the questions were released with the scores, 30-70% of the questions were always repeats.  Since they computerized the test, they don't release the questions, which makes it a lot harder.  I wouldn't be surprised if I barely passed.  My one piece of advice is to take the october 2003 exam last, a day or two before the real thing, I almost didn't take it because it had the lowest national pass rate of any of the tests that are available.  When I got to the test almost all of the repeats were from that exam, so I was really glad I did that one. 

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FL, while i agree with you and think erapit is a male private part...why are you both copying and pasting your arguments from another post.  do either of you think that posting the same arguments on this post as oposed to that post makes your argument stronger or does anyhting but put both of you in the spotlight.  c'mon if you guys want to keep bickering, do it on that thread, no one wants to see this *&^% on every topic,4130.0.html

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florida is THE MAN here, no doubt about it!

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Florida, I'm w/ you on this one. Erapitt may think he knows what's up. Sad thing is that once he starts going to school his head will only get bigger. It's the ones who think they know everything that truly know very little. Hopefully, there will be a senior partner from some TTT to put him in his place. ("Although law school attended correlates highly with salary, it is not the entire story; some 15–18% of those working in the largest private offices in NYC and in other major metropolitan areas graduated from schools that are relatively low in selectivity."- After the JD study by NALP).

Getting back on topic. Here's some interesting info from the NALP Foundation, p. 39-43 (published in 2004), available at

The median income of the full-time lawyers in the sample is $73,000.This figure appears relatively high for new lawyers, given that the Current Population Survey of 2002 indicated a nationwide median income for all lawyers of $85,000.11 These relatively high figures for new lawyers may reflect the dramatic escalation of lawyers’ starting salaries in the mid-1990s and/or some compression of salaries over time in certain practice settings.Recent studies also suggest a widening of the gap generally between high-earning lawyers and those at the lower end of the income spectrum (Heinz, Nelson, Laumann, and Sandefur, forthcoming 2005).

Consistent with that pattern, the median figure in the AJD study of $73,000 already conceals an enormous range of incomes.About 25%of the attorneys in the sample reported incomes of more than $110,000 (and 10% were over $150,000),while another 25% reported incomes below $50,000.

TABLE 5.1. Salary by Setting of AJD Respondents (full-time workers only)
Salary — Median
Salary — Percentile 25
Salary — Percentile 75

Solo $55,000 $45,000 $75,000
Office of 2-20 lawyers 60,000 48,500 78,000
Office of 21-100 lawyers 97,000 78,000 132,500
Office of 101-250 lawyers 125,000 96,000 145,000
Office of 251+ lawyers 140,000 125,000 158,000
Federal government (including judiciary) 63,000 54,275 70,000
State or local government (including judiciary) 45,000 40,000 53,500
Legal services or public defender 40,100 36,000 45,000
Public interest organization 38,500 34,000 48,000
Other nonprofit organization 51,650 42,000 69,500
Educational institution 51,800 43,000 70,000
Professional service firm (e.g., accounting or
investment banking)
77,500 61,000 110,000
Other Fortune 1000 industry/service 84,000 63,000 120,000
Other business/industry 75,500 60,000 100,000
Labor union trade association 71,200 46,200 90,000
Other (specify) 40,200 33,000 47,400
TOTAL 73,000 50,000 110,000
Note: Much of the variation between practice settings displayed in this table is also accounted for by geographic variations.


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giraffe, I would take the NALP publication with a grain of salt

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I pay currently $1,000 a month for rent and utilities and I do not live in the ghetto .. in fact I live in a very nice area of the city (Chicago)

Studio or 1-BR?


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I agree on the NALP postings, especially is you are in a lawyer tier school.  If you are at the lower tier, which is most law students, then NALP firms only allow the top 15% of the class to even apply.  If you get into Stanford, Georgetown, etc., then NALP is more accurate to your situation.  If you didn't, then remember, NALP firms aren't hiring the lower tier, middle of the pack class rank students. 


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I pay currently $1,000 a month for rent and utilities and I do not live in the ghetto .. in fact I live in a very nice area of the city (Chicago)

Studio or 1-BR?

Also, do you live alone or with a roommate?