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Attending Case Fall 2006

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i'm going to case. planning to set up housing in june.

rhombot, I'll be there in June, too! See you in Cleveland!

Hey all!  I am 28 year old Cleveland native, leaving the full-time working world to start at Case in the fall.  Currently, I own a 2 bedroom condo and am thinking about looking for a roommate.  It is in Lakewood- about 20 minutes west of Case, but an easy commute, and in a great area.  If anybody may be interested in exploring this option let me know... And nice to see some new classmates here!

I will see everyone there in the fall as well. I am also a Cleveland native, but have spent the last year living and working in DC. I am very excited to come back and start down a new path.

I am going to cleveland around mid-july. The apts around corner of Euclid@Mayfield are said to be great location for the law students.  So, I will probably be looking for a shared 2~3 bedroom apt in that area. I am male, 24, asian, quiet and clean. If you are interested to share an apt w/ me, email me:


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