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Attending Case Fall 2006

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I figured I would start up another thread for this year's entering class.  Is anyone else planning on attending Case starting this Fall?

hey! I'll be at Case in the fall of 2006! yay!

hey, I'm trying to figure out the living situation, too. When are you planning to move to Cleveland?

Sorry - hijacking this thread for a minute -- Do any of you recall seeing anything about the option to defer in your admissions packet?  Mine is on its way to me, but I am trying to find out if Case offers students the ability to defer enrollment for a year.


I'll be attending there this fall too. I'm pretty excited.

My name's Neil, by the way. I'm 22, graduating with a degree in English from a small liberal arts college in PA. I'm from Alexandria, VA; plan to specialize in IP/internet law; love music (and am pretty excited about all the great venues in Cleveland); love reading and lots of other stuff.

Email me at nocents at gmail dot com or IM me at maudlininacan if you want to chat. I'd love to get to know some people who are going.


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