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Grades v. Moot Court/Law Review

Re: Grades v. Moot Court/Law Review
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As others have said, employers don't value law review b/c of the skills you develop on the journal, they value it as a credential b/c they know it's very competitive, and law review members generally out performed the majority of their classmates.

As far as writing a good piece, from a 3L editor who graded some of the submissions at my school, there really aren't any secrets.  I would say that generally, don't worry about making a ground-breaking point, but instead focus on your writing and bluebooking.  Due to time pressure and exhaustion from exams, the writing isn't particularly good.  So if you can produce a submission that is essentially error free, that reads well, and has a well substantiatd thesis (however modest), I think that will put you in a good position.


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