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I'll be starting at SLU this fall, and I'm looking to talk to people who know a thing or two about the school!  I'd love to hear your thoughts on the school, and any other words of wisdom you may have for a soon-to-be 1L.


I will be attending SLU in the Fall after completing the Summer Program. I heard that the campus is very nice and the cost of living is cheap there. Hope that help.


Hey.  I checked out SLU in March and decided on attending there this fall.  Really couldn't have been more impressed with everything.

I visited SLU last week and was impressed with the facilities and generally laid back vibe of the student body.  They seem quite wired to the community, which should not be surprising, as Wash U grads are more likely to leave the area.  The city was a mixed bag.  The immediate area around SLU seemed a bit dull, but the Central West End was 2 miles away and a bit more lively. Forest Park is not far off either. The Loop district seemed more friendly to young people, but is actually in University City and not Saint Louis. Saint Louis's downtown seems like it is trying to come back, but it will take a while (though the Washington Avenue area has potential). The school had a lot of upside, but it was the direction of the city that worried me. I am still debating between SLU, Cincinnati, and William Mitchell.  The rust belt/declining feel of many parts of Saint Louis makes me uneasy since one never knows if they will end up the city of the school after graduation.  Cincinnati is even more rust belt/declining though, so it could be worse.  Either way, both cities will be huge a step down culturally from Minneapolis/St. Paul, but the school might have enough to make me take that plunge.

I was there March 24-26 for the 1843 Scholars weekend, and had a lot of the same impressions that you did.  I wasn't terribly impressed with the downtown area in general, but it does look like they're working hard to built it back up.  The SLU campus was nice, and I really liked the School of Law facilities.  Most impressive, though, was the way that the faculty and the students seemed so connected.  One of the highlights of the weekend was the Public Interest Law Group auction, where I couldn't help but notice how friendly everyone was with one another.


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