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« Reply #10 on: March 23, 2006, 01:46:02 PM »
For example, UNC School of Law (#27 USNWR) states the following on the transfer page of their website:

"To be competitive for admission, transfer applicants should be originally admissible to the School of Law and be performing superior academic work at their current law school."

I always thought statements like this meant that you had to meet the minimum requirements to have gained admission to the school originally, like a minimum gpa of 2.0 they accept, and not necessarily have a minimum gpa that they typically accept.

If so, then that would be good news for the majority of us who have been admitted with GPAs of 2.0 and higher. But what would be a minimum LSAT requirement for the school. It is my humble opinion that this statement means the transfer student would have more likely than not been accepted to the school as an incoming 1-L, based on their LSAT/GPA ranges. (oh, and of course the other soft factors. yeah. that too. definitely.)

Re: Transfer Advice
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The original poster say he was 9 out of 141,I think based on that he could easily transfer to Texas.  Congrats on  your grades-thats super impressive- and if you can do that in law school what the f*ck were you doing in undergrad.  Most schools could care less about lsat for transfer seems to be the consensus from other threads.  Why would UNC be an LSAT snob-they have good numbers but not great numbers themselves anyway.


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Re: Transfer Advice
« Reply #12 on: March 23, 2006, 09:33:53 PM »
Don't go to Tulane. Take a drive through the East Side of New Orleans if you need any convincing. New Orleans won't be up and running any time soon. Go anywhere else but Tulane.

UH doesn't take many transfers.  UT is actually one of those schools that will look at your pre-LS numbers, although they're more lax with Texas residents.  I believe they state this on their website; for that matter, most schools clearly state their transfer admission policies on their websites.

I'd apply to SMU if I were you.  Great job prospects, some say as good as UT in DFW.  I'd also apply to Baylor, although I don't know anything about their transfer policies.  Tech is definitely a rung below those two, although you'd be better off there than you are now.

Some Tulane grads end up in Houston.  For some reason, Tulane seems to take a fair amount of transfers, and it's sort of a name-brand school.

If you're more free about where you want to live, try applying to WUSTL.  They take a lot of transfers too.