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for auburnchick

for auburnchick
« on: January 27, 2006, 11:19:55 PM »
omg i can totally empathize with you, i'm going nuts. I'm 2L and 1L was very very stressful, but I got very good grades, and it was new and exciting. Now, i'm 2L, the whole OCI process beat me down. Although I got an amazing summer job at a top law firm...i'm not excited. I should be. But I can pay attention in class. I am behind in readings. motivation is near impossible. I have acquaintances and a few friends that i enjoy from back home, but feel like i generally don't fit in. Everybody is either a nerd or straight out of the set of the OC. And i've been SCOURING amazon for a good book on alternative careers for those with a legal degree...(i also have a Bcomm for anyone with suggestions??) *sigh* currently going through a screwed up midlife crisis.

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Everybody is either a nerd or straight out of the set of the OC.

You just summed it up---anybody considering law school shoud know this---it seems like there are only a few people that fall somewhere in the middle, and I am unfortunately one of them.  Im so glad to hear that other people feel the same way I do about this.  I've decided that since im already going to be in about 40K debt after this year and with my major it would be impossible to find a job that would even pay that much a year, i should just get the JD.  Even if law was the wrong thing for me, I'm just going to force myself to practice for a few years to pay back debt.  Im also going through a little crisis.....I wish I had considered a few years ago the things that are important to me (free time, being around people I really care about) and the things that are not(money, prestigous career) and I might have never started down this path...

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I consider myself somewhere in the middle but i think 90% of people do also (most are wrong).

All I can say is that legal work, or at least profitable legal work, is not exciting glamourous or a rerun of perry mason. We get paid alot of money to deal with the nuances of law that really aren't that exciting.If it was interesting or exciting more pople would want to do it.

The good news is that with a J.D. you can still enter the market doing anything. I know alot of consulting firms hire J.D.'s to do consulting work (Accenture, Deloitte etc.) and they are just looking for motivated workers who have proven themselves and aren't ugly.

I think your experience, while seemingly awful, will build a ton of character and really prepare you for what's out there. Money really isnt everything--you'll get through this! ( I know--easier said than done.)

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 "Everybody is either a nerd or straight out of the set of the OC."

Perfect.  Check out the prelaw side of the board for evidence of high schoolish brats who think they want to go to law school.  The funny thing is...they have no idea it's not the romantic conception they have in their minds.