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The long wait is over...


... most OCU grades are out - the rest are supposed to be out by tomorrow evening.  I've gotten four out of my five grades, and overall I'm pretty happy.  Good luck to any other OCU students here!  :)

What does it take to get into the Top 25%?  I'm a 1L and my gpa is a little above a 7.1? Do you think that will cut it? 


It all depends on how the 1L class did as a whole - I think class ranks are supposed to come out end of this week or first of next week.  I had a 7.33 my first semester, which put me in the top 25%.  I'm anxious to get my class rank too - I did better this semester than any of my other semesters, and I want to see how much it affected my rank.  Let me know if you have any more questions  :)


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