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In class with my graded Contracts exam in front of me...should i look at it?

Im sitting here with my exam blue book in front of me in Contracts. I'm terrified to open it in the middle of class. I'm terrified to open it after class. Should I have my roommate look at it for me. Im having heart palpitations. HELP!!

Take a look - whether good or bad, it is what it is. Just prepare yourself so there's no gloating or weeping in class ;)

What is it? What is it? Come on, look at it! Now that I have been talking to you, I am curious. Go ahead and look at it. The worst thing that can happen is that you run screaming hysterically from the room.  :-*

This is one of those times when there's just something  that you have to do. It may be good, or it may be not so good, but either way, it's already done and set. Just take a peek...

Ok....drum roll....Please consider that i spent my whole semester at the beach and screwing around. I skipped half of my contracts classes and only ready half the assignments. I scored a 72. The curve was a 76. A lot of people failed. Can we all say D for diploma!!!?? Im just glad i passed.

Then we should say congratulations

Even better news...i got a 95 on my property exam!!! The highest in my class!! that averaged with my crappy grades = D for diploma!!!!