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I might be packing my bags and leaving law school against my will...HELP!!!

At least there is hope then. Im scared to death. Maybe this is what i needed. Thanks, LawGirl!!

You said the 70 grade accounted for 20%? Did you get your final grade back yet?

Do you really want to be in law school? Perhaps it's not the right thing or the right time? Otherwise, as has been stated, you're using this as a way to brag about grades with little studying. If it works for you, lucky for you, keep at it if that's your thing. Be responsible for your actions.

I don't think it's bragging; I think a lot of us go through this. I didn't study too much or too little, but got my ass kicked in Torts and just realized I'd need to step it up a notch. (Also have considered dropping out b/c I probably didn't come for the right reasons, but it sounds from the OP's desperate plea that she is truly scared and wants to be there).

Just work harder next semester. Most schools give you a whole year before they kick you out for low grades. Good luck!


The only grades i have so far are for LRW.It is a one year course at my school. the fall semester's grades were a 90 (5%), 88(5%), 84 (5%), and the 70 (20%). So, the course is half over. I dont have any of my other grades yet. The only two finals i took were criminal law and torts. All the rest were midterms. Thanks again!!

You still have time to pull up your grade in LRW. How did you feel about the finals you took?


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Talk to the Dean or whoever deals with academic probabtion stuff and see what you can do. Unless you go to a tier 3/4, law schools HATE bad attrition rates. Plus your law school probably doesnt want to lose your tuition money either. Usually they will strike a deal with you or give you assistance by enrolling you in an assisted law school learning program or even let you take a reduced load.

This might not be such a bad thing. California Western is a pretty damn expensive school if you are taking out loans and your job prospects are pretty dim coming from there. You might want to reconsider if law is the profession for you. I doubt it gets much more exciting than it was in law school. If you just want to surf and hang out on the beach there are plenty of other jobs in San Diego.

I dont go to California Western. The "reconsidering if law is right for me" comment is moot. As mentioned previously, I spent four years doing child abuse investigations for the state of new york after i graduated from college. I have thought this through thorougly and i know i want to be here. my issue is controlling my adult attention deficit issues and buckling down. i did return to school today and im ready to turn things around. I havent gotten any grades yet.