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The Spanish Teacher:
I just wanted to get a topic going for incoming 1L's. 

I got in last Thursday (12/8) and withdrew all my other applications.   I called GULC and asked when I would be receiving info on everything (financial aid, registration, etc.). The woman at the admissions office informed me that they will mail information packets out in mid-January. 

I have a friend who's a 1L in the evening program (that's what I'll be doing too). He doesn't work, so he spends his days studying and doing research for a professor and going to lectures and speeches.  He enjoys GULC immensely.  He's taking finals right now, so I haven't been bothering him with too many questions about GULC, yet.  I look forward to hearing more about his first semester during his winter break.

Anyway, I look forward to future 1L's posting their thoughts about the upcoming year.  I would also be interested in hearing what current GULC students have to say about their experiences and any suggestions for ways to prepare for our first year of law school.

I'll be going to Georgetown also in the PT program next fall.  I work full time for a non-profit right now, so things work out well.  Anyway, I look forward to hearing from everyone, too!

The Spanish Teacher:
Illussion18, congrats on getting in.  do you think you'll continue to work full time during the school year? I was thinking about trying to get a job second semester at a government agency or think tank. that's a ways off, so no need to think about it too much right now.

i went to undergrad in dc, but that was almost 4 years ago.  where would you recommend living? i would like to live in the district so that i can sell my car.  any thoughts would be appreciated.

and in the excitement of getting in, i ordered a some books about law school - "law school confidential" and some others. have you read any books that might be helpful for anyone about to enter law school?

I will definitely be working during school, and most likely at this current job.  It's pretty sweet since I always get out at 5pm and don't have to work late, so it would fit into my schedule really well.  Right now I live on the hill, but things are getting pricey so I'm moving a little further north, but still in the District.  For somewhere cheap, I would recommend looking at the Waterfront/Navy Yard or Stadium/Armory areas, but be careful, some of them are kinda sketchy.  Where do you live right now?

The Spanish Teacher:
right now i'm in missouri teaching 7th grade spanish.  my fiance is moving to dc for a three month fellowship at ABC news.  she'll be living in adam's morgan while she's there.  i don't think we'll be able to afford living in adam's morgan after we get married in july and move out to dc permanently.

i remember going to some dc united games at RFK and it seemed like a sketchy neighborhood. and isn't waterfront/navy yard in southeast? i'm going to keep my eyes on craig's list for apartment openings.  any other suggestions for where to look at apartment listings? 


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