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Exam Period = Hysteria


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Re: Exam Period = Hysteria
« Reply #20 on: December 07, 2005, 07:35:33 PM »
Just a warning.  It's great to feel good about an exam, but from what I've experienced and witnessed, how you feel about it means NOTHING.  CONSTANTLY you will hear about people who's worst grade was on the exam they felt the best about.  On the brighter flip side, the one exam I felt the absolute worst about, I ended up booking.  Best bet, as many have mentioned: TOTALLY forget about it. 

And anecdotal, but everytime I have gone to get a drink with people after an exam, people aren't talking about the exam...

Re: Exam Period = Hysteria
« Reply #21 on: December 07, 2005, 08:58:31 PM »
For what it's worth...I am going out on a limb here to say that you will almost never "know " how you did on an exam.  Exception:  You didn't know ANYTHING that was on the exam or you were sniffing glue out in the parking lot before the exam.

I've only just taken my first law final last night (Civ. Pro.) and when I walked out of the exam and called my wife and she asked me "How do you think you did?", my reply was "I honestly don't have a clue."  She is puzzled by this of course but I think you all can relate.  I also know this...I don't ever want to take that same Civ. Pro. exam ever again in my life (crap forgot about the "barzam").

There are usually no clear-cut answers on these exams so walking out of an exam and thinking you did awesome raises a flag in my book.  Only a simple opinion from a 1L but I think I'm not far off on this.

DH    :-\

Re: Exam Period = Hysteria
« Reply #22 on: December 07, 2005, 09:41:11 PM »
I totally blew my civ pro exam in my mind.  Maybe that means I did well.

Re: Exam Period = Hysteria
« Reply #23 on: December 08, 2005, 12:33:51 AM »
I feel like I totally blew my Torts exam yesterday, which was my first in law school. At least I know what it's like now. Hopefully I didn't just flunk myself out!

Re: Exam Period = Hysteria
« Reply #24 on: December 08, 2005, 08:02:57 AM »
My crim teacher last year, related the following story, before exam time. Like most people, he was scared shitless going to take the bar. He took the test, and realized that he was confident about precisely one question, which was whether a customer in a store is a licensee or invitee, (clearly an invitee). Aside from that, he thought he was screwed. He went out into the hallway, in the Javits Center, in NY, where some bubbly girls with big NJ hair - this was 80's folks - were talking about how easy the bar exam was, and how they kicked its ass. One of them said - and of course a customer in a grocery store is a licensee - duh! So that made him feel better. As you might guess, he ended up doing pretty well on the bar. Moral of the story, already repeated here, is that your feelings after the exam really dont matter much.