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NALP question

NALP question
« on: November 29, 2005, 04:57:03 PM »
Question about NALP guidelines. Is the Dec. 1 criterion applicable to legal employers that aren't members of NALP?

On Nov. 1 and 2 we had meetings with Career Services and they went over resumes, job search etc.  But the whole session was rather vague.  We were given a handout/timeline that told us that among our tasks for November were: oreint yourself with, input your profile, review job postings in CS newsletter and on eAttorney and apply for summer positions. 

Then, for December, it listed:  "**December 1: If interested in large firms, send resumes to firms interested in hiring 1Ls for summer positions.**"  It then lists the same tasks as November.

So, are 1Ls allowed to apply for jobs with non-NALP employers before Dec. 1?  I assumed that we were, based on the timeline handout, and so did another classmate of mine.  Both of us have contacts that we sent resumes to last week.  Is this wrong?  (If so, how do we rectify the mistake?)