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Baylor Spring 06 Starters???

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I am living in a tiny complex called Ivy Place located on the block of S 8th and Ivy.  Its only 6 little apartments and supposedly everyone is in a grad program so there shouldnt be any frat brothers throwing up on my doorstep (hopefully). 

God help you all. You should have gone to..umm..anywhere else. See, your friends will think their school is also hard, then you'll explain to them what's expected of you, then there will be silence on the other end of the line. THen you'll remember that they are going to have the exact same job opportunities as you (assuming they are at an "equal" TX school--SMU, UH) or better (UT) because recruiters don't care that you went to Baylor, except maybe that firm on 6th and Austin next to the bar and the bank. THen you'll try to point out that we have the highest bar pass rates in TX, but then your friend at bad Tech or better UT will announce that their pass rate was also over 90%, and they don't go through half the *&^% you do. But in all seriousness Baylor is awesome.

Just wondering if any of you all or anyone else has been to the Baylor Visitation day..

I am considering flying in to Dallas and driving from there down to Waco in February.

If any of you have or will be attending the February visitation day what have you heard about it and what are you initial impressions about the academics, students and placement of them at firms in dallas and elsewhere say California?

Starting Baylor Lawschool Summer or Fall 2006? I have a townhome for sale four blocks from Baylor's Campus. It is 1200 square feet with two bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. Each Bedroom has a walkin closet. Ceramic Tile floors, GE appliances included. Kitchen has solid surface countertops. The unit was constructed in 2003.

Price: $135,900
Contact: Laura 817-875-2707


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