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Anyone from Valpo agree with this?


This advice was left on two of the Valparaiso acceptance posts at Law School Numbers:

Think Twice
I'm on a full ride...if you don't want to work in NW Indiana, it sucks.  Attrition rate is high (19.7%), grades are low(hard to keep the scholarship) and the career center is poo!  If you just want a J.D. on the cheap it's ok.  Nice staff and faculty, just better have your own resources for work.
                  -- valpo, 1L

Think Twice
Congrats on's nice to be wanted.  However DON'T believe their excuses for the T4 ranking (Tier 4 of U.S. News and World Reports -- lowest ranking available)/1L attrition rates/career prospects (86.2% of graduates employed 9 months after graduation).  You better love NW Indiana (its not terrible) and plan to work here.  No one else has even heard of this place!
                -- valpo, 1L

I added the bold red statements, as they were not part of the origional posting.

Thanks for the info.  I am still keeping my options open, as you can see I still have several schools yet to hear from.
If you think of anything else, please let me know.

--- Quote from: Bradzwest Returns on November 24, 2005, 06:32:57 PM ---PM me if you want more info... didn't mean to spook ya, just trying to tell you what admissions won't.


- only six major firms participate in OCI

-less than 5% get jobs as a result of OCI

-nearly 20% of 1Ls transfer or drop out

-median gpa for 1Ls 2.8

-you will get a job, but you should see how many shingles are hung out by Valpo grads downtown

-law school is adopting "grade normalizing" this year

-clinic positions 3rd year are...drawn from a hat!  (if you want to work in the juvenile clinic, take a knee like a scene out of "Harry Potter" and see what comes out of the hat).

--- End quote ---

Time marches on, but still these comments hold true.  The school is on a campaign to destroy its own reputation.  When you set the median GPA at about 2.7, what else could happen?  This is a fine school if you just want the paper and need to become a lawyer at all costs.  You need to be in the top 5 (not 5 percent) of this school to get the kind of opportunities that law students generally go to law school for.  If you're not a top 5'er, just come with your lawyerly connections already in place and you'll do fine (think in-laws, parents, etc.).  Otherwise, go with the rankings and suck up the cost.  Opportunities come best to those from the higher ranked schools, period.



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