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Thomas Main is visiting FSU (from your university) this semester.  I'm looking for a way to contact students who may have taken his Civ. Pro. class before (looking or outlines  :))  Is there a local student board or other means of contact with McGeorge 2Ls/3ls?

Thanks for your help. 

Main is, by the way, the best of my first year professors by far.

I sent you some exams and an outline to the email account that is under your profile. I hope Karma works and some good luck falls my way.
Good luck.

 :)  Professor Main was an awesome CivPro teacher - I had him last year.  And if you haven't done so, I highly recommend attending office hours as it really helps in understanding how to answer his exam questions.  I don't think I would have done so well in CivPro with another prof. 

Thanks for the help guys!  :)  I received the outline and exams just fine.

Good luck on your exams, and thanks again.

i have Main as a teacher here at FSU  as well and i was wondering if you could email me anything you had on him.  As it is that our final is on monday and im a bit of a procastinator.. lol thanks it would be greatly appreciated... stephanie  ;)


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