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You bet, emilys!

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Indeed Portia!

I mean I'm paying to this thread no more no less attention than to the other ones and the subject matter of my exams.



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[...] The first rule of the New Age: When it doubt, it comes from the Vedas. Viewed by many as an extremely useful tool, organizations such as Scotland Yard and the French police currently use palmistry and the study of hands for detecting criminals. [...]

Intelligence agencies do a lot of this crazy stuff!

The rationale appears to be that fear is a weapon just a rifle or a tank is; if you frighten your enemy enough, you may defeat him without having to fight. In full-fledged wars and quiet covert operations around the world, U.S. military and intelligence specialists have long practiced intimidation through propaganda. Some of the most productive (and some of the most fanciful) psywar operations have sought to exploit ideas about the supernatural.


The tactics of the recruiters differ substantially from those of kidnappers or inquisitors. Recruiters generally do not kidnap or capture their recruits, and they are not known to use torture as a typical conversion method. This raises the question of whether their victims are controlled without their consent. Some recruits are not truly victims of mind control and are willing members of their communities. Similarly, many recruits into mainstream religions should not be considered victims of mind control. To change a person's basic personality and character, to get them to behave in contradictory ways to lifelong patterns of behavior, to get them to alter their basic beliefs and values, would not necessarily count as mind control. It depends on how actively a person participates in their own transformation. You and I might think that a person is out of his mind for joining Scientology, Jehova's Witnesses, or Jim Roberts' The Brethren, but their "crazy beliefs and behaviors" are no wilder than the ones that millions of mainstream religious believers have chosen to accept and engage in.

Some recruits into non-mainstream religions seem to be brainwashed and controlled to the point that they will do great evil to themselves or others at the behest of their leader, including murder and suicide. Some of these recruits are in a state of extreme vulnerability when they are recruited and their recruiter takes advantage of that vulnerability. Such recruits may be confused or rootless due to ordinary transition difficulties (such as new college students), difficult life circumstances (such as failing in college or at a new job), or even tragic personal events (such as death to close friends or loved ones) or world events (such as war or terrorism). Some may be mentally ill or emotionally disturbed, greatly depressed, traumatized by self-abuse with drugs or abuse at the hands of others, etc. But it would not be to the advantage of the cult to actively recruit the emotionally disturbed. As one cult recruiter said,

Cults have complicated ideologies and practices that mentally or emotionally upset people have difficulty grasping. These structures are what allow the cult to control the person. Cults do not want people who are difficult to control.

Thus, while some recruits might be very vulnerable to those who would like to control their thoughts and actions, recruiters look for people they can make vulnerable. The recruiter quoted above also said,

Cults seek out strong, intelligent, idealistic people. They also seek out the rich, no matter what their mental status is.

The goal is make the recruits vulnerable, to get them to give up whatever control over their thoughts and actions they might have. The goal is to make the cult members feel like passengers on a rudderless ship on a stormy sea. The recruiter or cult leader has a rudder and only he can guide the ship to safety. The techniques available to manipulate the vulnerable are legion. One technique is to give them the love they feel they do not get elsewhere. Convince them that through you and your community they can find what they're looking for, even if they haven't got a clue that they're looking for anything. Convince them that they need faith in you and that you have faith in them. Convince them that their friends and family outside the group are hindrances to their salvation. Isolate them. Only you can give them what they need. You love them. You alone love them. You would die for them. So why wouldn't they die for you?  But, love alone can only get you so far in winning them over. Fear is a great motivator. Fear that if they leave they'll be destroyed. Fear that if they don't cooperate they'll be condemned. Fear that they can't make it in this miserable world alone. The manipulator must make the recruit paranoid.

Love and fear may not be enough, however; so guilt must be used, too. Fill them with so much guilt that they will want to police their own thoughts. Remind them that they are nothing alone, but with you and God (or some Power or Technique) they are Everything. Fill them with contempt for themselves, so that they will want to be egoless, selfless, One with You and Yours. You not only strip them of any sense of self, you convince them that the ideal is be without a self. Keep up the pressure. Be relentless. Humiliate them from time to time. Soon they will consider it their duty to humiliate themselves. Control what they read, hear, see. Repeat the messages for eyes and ears. Gradually get them to make commitments, small ones at first, then work your way up until you own their property, their bodies, their souls. And don't forget to give them drugs, starve them, or have them meditate or dance or chant for hours at a time until they think they've had some sort of mystical experience. Make them think, "It was you, Lord, who made me feel so good." They won't want to give it up. They have never felt so good. Though they look as if they are in Hell to those of us on the outside, from the inside it looks like Heaven.

What religion doesn't use guilt and fear to get people to police their own thoughts? Even some therapists use similar methods to control their patients. They prey on the vulnerable. They demand total loyalty and trust as a price for hope and healing. They often isolate their prey from loved ones and friends. They try to own and control their clients. The methods of recruiters are not much different. Are the recruits, the converts to the faith, and the patients willing victims? How would we tell the difference between a willing victim and an unwilling victim? If we cannot do that, then we can't distinguish any true cases of mind control.

Recruiters and other manipulators are not using mind control unless they are depriving their victims of their free will. A person can be said to be deprived of his free will by another only if that other has introduced a causal agent which is irresistible. How could we ever demonstrate that a person's behavior is the result of irresistible commands given by a religious, spiritual, or personal growth leader? It is not enough to say that irrational behavior proves a person's free will has been taken from them. It may be irrational to give away all one's property, or to devote all one's time and powers to satisfying the desires of one's divine leader, or to commit suicide or plant poison bombs in subways because ordered to do so, but how can we justify claiming such irrational acts are the acts of mindless robots? For all we know, the most bizarre, inhumane, and irrational acts done by the recruits are done freely, knowingly and joyfully. Perhaps they are done by brain damaged or insane people. In either case, such people would not be victims of mind control.

That leaves for consideration the acts of kidnappers and inquisitors: the acts of systematic isolation, control of sensory input, and torture. Do these methods allow us to wipe the cortical slate clean and write our own messages to it? That is, can we delete the old and implant new patterns of thought and behavior in our victims? First, it should be noted that not everybody who has been kidnapped comes to feel love or affection for their kidnappers. It may be that some kidnapped or captured people are reduced to a state of total dependency by their tormentors. They are put in a position similar to that of infancy and begin to bond with their tormentors much as an infant does with the one who feeds and comforts it. There is also the strange fascination most of us have with bullies. We fear them, even hate them, but often want to join their gang and be protected by them. It does not seem likely that people who fall in love with their kidnappers, or who turn against their country under torture, are victims of mind control. There is certainly some explanation why some people act as Patricia Hearst did and why others under similar circumstances would not have become "Tanya". It is doubtful that mind control should play much of a role in the explanation. Some women are attracted to gangsters, but have few opportunities to interact with them. We do not need to revert to mind control to explain why Hearst became intimate with one of her terrorist captors. She may have thought she had to in order to survive. She may have been genuinely attracted to him. Who knows? Mind control is a better defense than "changed my mind about a life of crime" when facing bank robbery and murder charges.

Extremely interesting, tagging it!

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well, i guess unfinished things are always attractive .. rich in meaning .. you know ,

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An Overview of Mind Control
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Using fear or force to manipulate or coerce people into doing what you want them to do should not be considered some kind of sophisticated "mind control". Inquisitions do not succeed in capturing the minds of their victims. As soon as the threat of punishment is lifted, the extorted beliefs vanish. You do not control the mind of someone who will escape from you the moment you turn your back.

To render a woman helpless by drugs so you can rape her is not mind control. Using a frequency generator to give people headaches or to disorient them is not the same as controlling them. You do not have control over a person's thoughts or actions just because you can do what you want to them or render them incapable of doing as they will. An essential component of mind control is that it involves controlling another person, not just putting them out of control or doing things to them over which they have no control.

Some of the more popular misconceptions of mind control originated in fiction, such as "The Manchurian Candidate." In that film, an assassin is programmed so that he will respond to a post-hypnotic trigger, commit a murder, and not remember it later. Other books and films portray hypnosis as a powerful tool, allowing the hypnotist to have his sexual way with beautiful women or to program her to become a robotic courier, assassin, etc. Other fictional fantasies have been created that show drugs or electronic devices, including brain implants, being used to control the behavior of people. It has, of course, been established that brain damage, hypnosis, drugs or electric stimulation to the brain or neural network can have a causal effect on thought, bodily movement, and behavior. However, the state of human knowledge on the effects of various chemical or electrical stimulation to the brain is so impoverished that it would be impossible using today's knowledge and technology to do anything approaching the kind of mind control accomplished in fantasy. We can do things that are predictable, such as cause loss of a specific memory or arousal of a specific desire, but we cannot do this in a way which is non-intrusive or which would have the significance of being able to control a large array of thoughts, movements, or actions. It is certainly conceivable that some day we may be able to build a device which, if implanted in the brain, would allow us to control thoughts and actions by controlling specific chemical or electrical stimuli. Such a device does not now exist nor could it exist given today's state of knowledge in the neurosciences.

Cults, religions have been explained via the "meme" concept.

Meme is a term used by Oxford professor Richard Dawkins in his studies on imprinting.

1. A meme is a set of instructions for imprinting behaviour patterns in the neural pathways of the brain.
2. A meme is contagious and is passed on like a virus, effecting belief systems & behaviour patterns.
a) A meme can be benign, like a musical tune that sticks in the mind, or
b) A meme can be harmful, like a disease:
i) Mild, like a common cold, or
ii) Lethal, like AIDS, such as belief systems of extreme hatred, terrorism and suicide bombing. This is the deadly form of meme we see being deliberately passed on in its most contagious form of hatemongering, terrorism, and suicide bombing. Hate is a very contagious "bait."
3. Like AIDS, the lethal meme destroys the society it infects -- unless cured, or infection prevented.

The Lethal Meme

This can be called Brainwashing/coercion/conditioning/mind control. Whatever form it takes, from the ridiculous to the deadly, it all follows a set pattern of steps. The steps vary in time for each individual, depending on the "Bait" and the type of victim targeted. When fishing, a lot of attention and care is spent on making the bait attractive to that type of fish and environment. The attention and care spent on making the Bait attractive is not done out of compassion for the fish! It is designed to get the fish to swallow the hook and become caught!

Steps to Entrapment

1. Get the attention of the victim/recruit/dupe/convert: The attention-drawing "Bait" can be secret knowledge, sex, money, God, love, hate, power, attention, status, riches, friendship, and belonging. The most deadly "Bait" is Hate! -- as this emotion over-rides reason. Whatever the dupe/ victim shows vulnerability in, the "Bait" can be customized for the individual: time varies.
2. The new recruit/dupe/victim is praised, made to feel privileged, "special, chosen, different" from others, persuaded that they are chosen by God, luck, looks, intelligence whatever the dupe/recruit shows vulnerability to. They are told "Beginner's Secrets" with hints of more to come. If accepted into upper/ inner/ privileged circle, hints of more -- to do, know, experience.
3. The degree of conviction and dedication is further worked on with each individual being encouraged to recruit/invite newer recruits. The Hints of Secrets are passed on, as each new recruit wants to feel important and interesting to those who are listening.
4. This further deepens the conviction dedication of the recruit, as it reinforces the sense of being "special, gifted, chosen, important" -- the admiration of the new recruits reinforces the recruits' conviction that they are chosen.
5. It doesn't matter what the "Bait" is: it can be a peculiar brand of god, sex, money, knowledge -- the "Bait" is whatever the victim will swallow the "Hook" is accepting the authority and passing on the "Bait" to others.
6. To the degree that the individual accepts "the authority," "the leader," to that degree the basic self and the self-defense mechanism is surrendered to "the authority." This is the basic trickery used by Pimps, Cults, Terrorists, and Con Artists of all kinds, and the steps vary in time: some victims take the hook quickly, deeply, and are hooked very fast and deep, such as suicide bombers and martyrs. Hate against a directed target is very contagious, especially if a self-righteous religious slant is used.
7. Some realize the power and themselves become the predators, recruiting recruiters as teachers, pimps, "Holy Men," Con artists, settling for the "delicious" perverted power of sacrificing the lives of their dedicated "believers". A few extreme examples:
a) The Aryan Nations and KKK use Hatred (Jewish people, African-Americans, etc.)
b) The Inquisition used Hate (Heretics, witches, and unbelievers)
c) Hitler used Hate (Jewish and Roma (Gypsy) people, homosexuals, people with physical and mental deformities and defects, and those not of pure "Aryan" blood)
8. Strong, irrational emotions stirred and directed by the unscrupulous leads to murder, and wasted lives, as in suicide bombers and terrorists for all "causes," from baby seals to what name to use for God!

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Generally, people don't seek out a cult, cults actively recruit new members. People usually get recruited into a cult because they have been deceived and systematically entrapped. They don't know what the group is about, they don't know the real nature of the organization -- otherwise, they would have nothing to do with it. They don't know that involvement in the group actually entails loss of their individual freedom. Most people think they can go into one of these groups, and get what they want out of it -- whatever the "bait" is. Sometimes, they're lucky, and they may be able to get the bait off the hook and escape, but more often, they become hooked and end up with psychological scars.

Sometimes, people are feeling lonely, and when approached by a recruiter, they are attracted by the appealing warmth and sincerity of the recruiter. Remember, recruiters are also victims of the cult, and they have been brainwashed, and actually believe what they are saying. Recruiters are carefully educated and programmed into saying just those things that will avoid any dangerous questions that might shatter the new belief of the victim, or even the beliefs of the recruiters themselves. Hundreds of parents have been rudely awakened to the fact that the cults are actively recruiting: there is cult recruiting going on in campuses and schoolyards, but there is also cult recruiting going to older people's homes. The people who come to your door, telling you they are doing a survey for the local radio or T.V. station, and then very, very cleverly manipulates you into answering questions about stress, and about your home, and offers to sell you a book on stress, and then invites you along for a free I.Q. test -- these are cult recruiters. This particular method is being used right now, in this city.

Be alert for such things: remember, there is no free lunch. There is always a catch. People can be brainwashed very easily. In this particular example, the people going door to door say they are doing a radio or T.V. survey in order to get your attention and cooperation. Then, they invite you to complete a questionnaire with two hundred questions in it that you answer with Yes, No, or Maybe, and the answers that you give provide the cult with enough information about you to make you vulnerable to their mind control. You are always told there is something they can do for you, to help you, because the graph they create from your answers to their questions is always too high or too low, or have areas of weakness that can be improved. Then, they recommend that you do a communications course with them. That's the first step in the actual brainwashing, but you are told it is to help you to communicate more effectively, to help you to understand communication, and help you get along better with people. Basically, its purpose is to get you into the organization. It is not designed to help you to get out of it, but to pull you further into it.

Just be alert: remember, there is no free lunch. People don't give these services away for nothing: the whole idea is to get people to be willing slaves, to promote, recruit, and defend the cult. They also don't tell you that, in some cases, they actually pay a commission to each individual for every recruit they bring in. Often the way the recruiters are paid is in cult "services," that is, in more "counselling" or brainwashing training, which makes them even more dependent on the cult. The cycle becomes: better recruiters, better defenders, better protectors of the organization, bringing in more recruits, who in turn, become recruiters. It is like the unreachable carrot on the stick. Here is some insight from someone who was there:

"When you meet the friendliest people you have ever known, who introduce you to the most loving group of people yu have encountered, and you find the leader to be the most inspired, caring, compassionate, and understanding person you have ever met, and then, when you learn that the cause of the group is something you never dared to hope could be accomplished, and all of this sounds too good to be true, then it probably is too good to be true. Don't give up your education, your hopes, and your ambitions to follow a rainbow."

This quote is by Jeanie Mills, who, at the time she said this, was a survivor of Jonestown. She was later murdered by a person or persons unknown. Her killers are believed to be among the protectors, defenders, and recruiters of that particular organization, following the instructions of their dead leader, that they were to ensure no one spoke out against the organization.

Typical recruits come from middle- to upper-class family backgrounds, are 16-35 years old (though some are older), and are of average or above average intelligence. Recruits are usually well-educated. These are people who can afford to unwittingly pay their way into the organization: they usually end up selling their homes, leaving their families, and mortgaging their future income -- all for a rainbow. Once a person has been systematically deceived and entrapped by an organization, it is very, very hard for them to actually get out of it. It can be done, but it is exceedingly difficult. It is much better to avoid the problem by knowing the names of destructive groups, and knowing the real nature of these groups.

Even so, knowing the names of various cults isn't a guarantee of safety. There are many hundreds of cults, and many of these cults have hundreds of fronts, and many of them are constantly changing their names. Better than trying to know the name of every cult -- an impossible task -- is to understand how they work. Cults actively recruit people: they may approach you, and try to get you involved in a conversation with them, and then they invite you along to a meeting or ask you to complete a questionnaire, or invite you to come along to a free movie, a free lunch, or a free weekend seminar. Once you are there, you find that there is a degree of control exercised over your choices: it's not quite so easy to walk out of the seminar -- you have people talking to you, making you feel that there is something wrong with your life.

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Here are some of the signs:

1. People who avoid answering the issues you raise with them;
2. A group that uses psychologically coercive techniques to recruit and indoctrinate members;
3. An organization that uses falsehood in their indoctrination and recruiting methods;
4. A group that maintains that "the end justifies the means";
5. An organization that forms a totalitarian society;
6. A group that has a charismatic, dogmatic leader who plays "Messiah" and demands total devotion: he or she can seem like the most wonderful person you have ever heard of;
7. A group that obtains funds through deception for the personal gain and/or power of the leader;
8. A group that performs no real service to society, although they claim to do so (remember, deceit is one of their tickets);
9. A group that destroys existing relationships with family and friends -- if your family is aware that something is happening to you, the group tells you that your family is evil, or doesn't want you to progress, or that your family is the only reason you have ever been sick or unhappy in your life. (This is another major tool destructive cults use: they tell you your family members or close friends, if they are critical of the organization, are "negative" or "suppressive", or whatever buzzword the group uses for its enemies, and that your family and friends are actually making you sick, and trying to hold you back);
10. An organization that teaches fear, hatred, and rejection of society, while claiming to promote the cause of world peace and universal love. (A good example of a group that teaches hate, fear and rejection is the Ku Klux Klan -- under the definition of most religions, political parties, the Mafia, any terrorist group, the KKK -- all of these could claim they are a religion, since they follow the same definition used by most of the pseudo-religious cults and mind control groups);
11. A group that practices intimidation of critics by threats (which they sometimes carry out) or lawsuits, allow no development of the individual. (If a person in the group questions or wants to be an individual, he or she is told that the way to be an individual is to become more and more involved with the organization);
12. An organization that isolates their members, either mentally or physically, polarizing the group and society into opposing camps, creating an "us/them" mentality, making the members identify exclusively with the group;
13. A group that demands full-time or lifetime commitment: if you are allowed to work in the outside world, it is to get money for the cult, or for further programming or training within the cult for yourself;
14. An organization that has secret practices and docrines and/or objectives that the average new recruit has absolutely no idea about;
15. A group that has simple black-and-white solutions for the world's problems: if everyone becomes a member of this particular cult, then there won't be any war, hunger, or oppression;
16. An organization that makes its members afraid to dare to speak up, even afraid to think about how the cult is oppressing them;
17. A group that suppresses critical thought, blocking out questions and doubts by various methods, such as: chanting; rules of silence; long hours of meditation, study, processing, or counselling; speaking in tongues; various forms of repetitive action; inadequate diet or sleep;
18. An organization whose methods rob their members of free will, destroying family relationships;
19. A group that creates an attitude of willing slavery in its members: people in the group become willing to work long, long hours for the benefit of the organization -- not for their own individual benefit;
20. An organization that creates neuroses and psychoses in its members, so that some members become very angry if anyone points out that their organization may not be what it says, and may even be a destructive cult, and other members can even become violent towards anyone who disagrees with them;
21. A group that creates physical deterioration in its members, often caused by malnutrition, sleep deprivation, overwork, or emotional stress;
22. An organization that destroys its members' judgment, reducing their ability to evaluate for themselves what is most important to them individually, so each member thinks only of the group, losing sight of his or her own self.

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Indeed, law school has each and every characteristic that smnry mentions about cults!

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The unfinished pyramid means that the United States will always grow, improve and build.

That's what they say Tour Eiffel symbolizes, in fact!

It's the same f-ing thing with every country!