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« on: November 06, 2005, 03:33:31 PM »
So, let me be the first to admit I'm behind on outlining. Very, very behind in three of my classes.

Is it a good idea to work on outlines with others, or might it be better to slave away in solitude? I'm especially interested in suggestions on how others have organized their outlines--every time I decide on an organization scheme I seem to revise it entirely.

Re: Outlining
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First of all, whether you want to work alone or with others is a purely personal decision. Second, the best way to organize an outline, for most people, is to just go by the syllabus, or the same way as your case book. Syllabus is easiet and most sensible, in my opinion. Last, don't sweat that you haven't been outlining yet. If you start now, you have more than enough time, and if your  school has a generous reading week, you will not even need it all.

Re: Outlining
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I like to work on my outline partly with others in my section.  The largest reason is to make sure I am not missing anything or wording something incorrectly.

In my study group, we each outline up to a certain point and then exchange.  That way no one is not doing the work and all we are really doing is making sure our work is complete.

Advantage: maybe someone has a better way to state the information that you can borrow.

Disadvantage: maybe all of you are