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Law school without a BA

Re: Law school without a BA
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I believe Tulane University and Loyola University New Orleans used to allow some students to enter without a B.A. as long as they had something like 90 college credits. I don't know if their policies are still in effect now, but you should call them and ask if you are interested.

However, echoing what other people have said, I would not recommend trying to go to law school without finishing your B.A. first.

Re: Law school without a BA
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Iam 30 years old and single mother. I am working full time and taking everning classes at UCLA for the last two year and half. I have read that some law school accept student who does not have a BA, but just have some school credits. Does anyone knows which school  does and what are the requirements ?


It absolutely IS possible to be admitted to an ABA-approved law school without having completed a 4-year or equivalent UG degree, such as a B.A. or B.S. I know because I'm a rising 2L at a T1 law school who never finished my UG.

What I did was, with all my applications, I sent an addendum explaining the hardship circumstances accounting for why I didn't complete UG all those years ago. I also printed out and sent as an attachment a copy of the ABA Legel Education standard that explicitly allows for schools to make an exception to the 4-year degree requirement. It's Sec. 502(b), by the way.

I applied to alot of schools, but most adamantly refuse to accept you w/out a UG degree. I got accepted to 5 schools, including two T1 schools, out of about 20 applications. The only reason I got any consideration is that I scored well on the LSAT, I think.

As far as a UG degree preparing you for law school, I'm sure the general rule is that it does. However, I finished within a whisker of the top 25% of my 1L class, which means I did better than a lot of people who did have their UG degrees and several with advanced degrees as well.

Re: Law school without a BA
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50 years ago, this was possible when Law Schools gave a LLB (Bachelor of Letters and Laws?) instead of a JD

LL.B.  Legum.  Plural of Lex.  Same root as an LL.M.  The ABA rules don't specify that you need a BA to attend an ABA approved Law School.  Thomas Jefferson in San Diego accepts a very very few students who do not have BA's.  BUT most of them are career paralegals.  You would be much better off finishing your BA first.