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1st lawyer to call me gets $50,000!!!!!!!!!!!!

1st lawyer to call me gets $50,000!!!!!!!!!!!!
« on: October 21, 2005, 08:13:46 PM »

My name is Patricia Chen, and I am in need of an educational lawyer to help me get back into school (to unsuspend me). Here is what I did wrong: I talk out inappropriately in class, and I say words like, "Hell, d**mn, female dog", like what a black person would say. The dean has suspended me for 30 days, but I want a lawyer who could get me back sooner, by making an agreement with my school's lawyer. I go to Florida Southern College, in Lakeland Florida.

If you want to take this case, and you feel very confident about getting me back into school sooner than 15 days, I will pay this lawyer $10,000. Remember: what I did wrong was wrong. I will never do it again. Thanks, and be sure to call my dean at: 863-680-4124. The dean is Susan P. Conner.

To contact me, call: 813-451-9088. My name again is Patricia Chen. This is my last semester of school, and I do not want to be suspended for 30 days just for speaking out loud and cursing towards students. Please call me or my dean, and I will personally pay you $10,000 for taking the case.

You realize you would have to come to Lakeland, FL to represent me, don't you? Please help and try to come.

Re: 1st lawyer to call me gets $50,000!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Go Mocs!

Re: 1st lawyer to call me gets $50,000!!!!!!!!!!!!
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"... like what a black person would say"? :o You are ignorant.
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